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Special Boat Squadron: Pay

Commons Hansard: 14 Jan 08 said:
Derek Wyatt: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) when he expects the Special Boat Service personnel serving in Afghanistan to receive their full pay; [169202]

(2) when the Specialist Pay Team last paid the salaries of the Special Boat Service in Afghanistan; [169203]

(3) what steps he has taken with the Specialist Pay Team to ensure the payment of the full salaries of the Special Boat Service in Afghanistan. [169204]

Derek Twigg [holding answer 29 November 2007]: Problems have been identified with the specialist pay components of total salary for a small number of members of the Special Boat Service. This is very much regretted. I have asked for the issues to be investigated and I will write to the hon. Member when the investigation is complete.

Substantive answer from Derek Twigg to Derek Wyatt:

I undertook to write to you in answer to your Parliamentary Questions of 3 December 2007, (Official Report, column 844W), about the problems identified with the specialist pay components of the total salary received by a small number of the Special Boat Service personnel serving in Afghanistan. Clearly, any inconvenience caused to our personnel is very much regretted.

Staff within the Royal Navy and the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) have completed their investigations and these have revealed that a small number of personnel did not have their employment category, grade scale and payroll type changed successfully on the JPA system on joining the SBS. The principle cause of

these omissions has been identified as unfamiliarity with the new JPA processes. I can confirm that the issue was not caused by any problem with the JPA Information Technology system.

In consultation with the SPVA, the Royal Navy Human Resource staff have made the necessary changes to the affected individuals’ records. The JPA system has automatically recalculated and paid the relevant personnel their full entitlements in the December pay run, and I can confirm that the correct monies have now been credited to the individuals’ bank accounts.

The Royal Navy Human Resource staff have informed the affected personnel that the problem has been identified and remedial action taken. In addition, the Human Resource staff have received additional instructions and guidance to ensure that the error does not reoccur.

In cases where Service personnel experience pay problems arrangements are in place for emergency payments to be made. Individuals have access to duty personnel at their parent units who are able to make arrangements for emergency issues of cash if required or arrange support by other units if, for example, an individual is on leave in the UK when normally based in Germany.

Where problems do arise with the pay of personnel deployed on operations there is a fast track process, that can be instigated by either the individual Service person, or their spouse/partner in the UK, that allows the unit Human Resource staff direct access to the SPVA Customer Complaints Team.

I hope this is helpful.
link: http://www.publications.parliament....d/cm080114/text/80114w0016.htm#08011511000144
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