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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by higthepig, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. I always understood that you had to be a Marine first to join the SBS, I`ve been informed in the chat room that this is no longer the case, can one of you Steely Eyed Dealers in Death advise. Ta.
  2. Tri-service now-a-days. SF Briefing Course, followed by Joint SF selection, with SC specific courses after that.

    Not sure how many none boot-necks there are in the SBS, but that's what the DIN says....
  3. Higgy!!
    Do you want to P.M me and have a chat about what i know/dont know about it.

  4. Most are Royal Marines however the service are very keen to get non-Royals on board so to speak.I know of a few lads including 1 ex Royal Engineer who are in the service at the moment. The current recruitment boss at poole is working hard to spead the word around the army .
  5. We had ex SAS at Lympstone who had to get the green lid before putting in for the frog squad. He put it from day one it was frog squad or nothing. It was a joyous welcome at last he had seen the light and had joined the best.

    Last seen jumping into a pond someplace far away.

    Correct me if I am wrong unless things have changed!!! A site I dropped on had the new SBS cap badge which has now merged with SAS.

    So when did the SBS have a cap badge???
  6. The SBS used to be all bootnecks, once, but times are changing. They've also crossed trained with the SAS for years.

    However, they did publish in the newspaper last year that they were planning to take ranks from all corners of the armed forces in a similar fashion to the SAS. Although I don't know if this has been implemented yet.

    Years ago if you served at Poole it was difficult to tell who was SBS and who wasn't because everyone wore the same rig. However, it appears that this is set to change and I guess they really do deserve the recognition of being the cream of the cream.


  7. they have their own cap-badge, SF Wings and a unique belt bukle. No intentions to merge with the SAS, they now provide similar capabilities to DSF, so he's got 5 battalions to play with!
  8. Just a small correction the frog emblem was never a cap badge, SB ranks used to just wear theregular globe and laurel, as they were still just booties like everyone else only they had SC as their SQ.


    Just a small aside, Last time i was down at CTC i saw a guy without SB cap badge but wearing the SF wings, he was a member of SFSG. Can anyone explain how this works, are there ways to do the SF para course without being SB, if you were a FAC working with them for example.

  9. Do they still wear the green beret? Or have they gone over to the sand beret too?
  10. For anyone that's interested.


  11. It's the top badge on a Green beret.

  12. Sorry they should keep the globe, that looks very Yankified to me.
  13. Sorry SPenny but you are wrong on both counts there. There is a seperate SF para course to the regular para course, at least this is what i was told by the OC SBS(R) which you need to complete to be entitled to wear the new SF para wings, of which there are 2 types one for the SB and one for the SAS. I am not sure if this is a new thing because i know a couple ex-SB lads who still wear the regular para wings.

    SFSG guys also only wear the regular para wings, unless of course they
    have complete the SF para course, but then you would think they would be serving with one of the SF units. Unless they were an instructor i suppose.

    Am I answering my own question here because i am definitely more confused than when i started.

    Anyway i must apologize for this most chad of threads, nobody likes a badge collector.

  14. Guys, especially those currently serving, this really isn't a discussion for a public forum in any level of detail.
    If you are serving and have a genuine interest in going down this route, then you will be able to get answers to most questions via the recruitment process.
    If you just have a fascination with the subject, whether you're serving or not, then you will have to be content with what is already in the public domain.
    Sorry to be a killjoy, but that is the way it is.

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