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Discussion in 'RMR' started by royalbumbaclod, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. I've heard that SBS(R) do the Hills Phase in one month, as opposed to 21/23 SAS(R) who split the Hill Phase up into nine(?) weekends.

    This means that SBS(R) Selection is faster, but demands greater commitment(asking for a month of work will strain the patience of even the most forgiving of employers).

    I stress I am not, nor ever will be, a member of SBS(R) and I could be completely wrong about their Selection.
  2. Or not!!
  3. The original Post looked so lonely I thought I'd keep it company! :angel4:
  4. I would say that if people want to know about the selection process they should sign up and find out for themselves :roll:
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Eminently qualified to answer this as I tentatively applied but my DO burst out laughing and ordered me to buy the next round of CSB & to stop trying to distract him. Mind you I confided my aspirations on a run ashore in the Donkey's Flip-Flop in Gib...

    Nevertheless, since you asked: My thoughts are, "royalbumbaclod's strange, nay odd."

    My tips are: "Avoid"

    Thanks for asking. :thumright:
  6. At least I did'nt mention 49 Para...sh1te! :rambo:
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Shush... hang on there's someone at the door......AAAAaaarghhhhh!
  8. It's the Men In Bla - AAGGGGHHHHHH!!!! :threaten:
  9. What he said :thumright:
  10. Oh, stop being so "precious". :joker:

    As long as nobody is dumb enough to Walt it by claiming to be an ex-member of Shakey Boots, I fail to see the drama. It's not like OpSec will be a problem.

    Most members of ARRSE have'nt served with Them and the majority of EGoat are not pilots. Does'nt stop members discussing these elite units.
  11. Ok i bite!!

    Could i firstly ask you what service you have actually done within the realms of the RM/RN?? What NZer is basically stating is that it's a hard enough proposition getting to wear the green lid in the first place let alone trying to go and play out with the non-conventional types!! Yes i have friends and acquainces from my old unit who served with the SBS (R) thanks very much and yes it is pretty tough. I also would like to ask why you have jumped to conclusions regarding whether any of us served with them?? Maybe some of us did and just dont like to admit such a fact to persons whose military career will probably amount to nothing more than some time in the RLC.

    nuff said
  12. Calm down dear, it's just a commercial...

    I stated at the begining that I had never served with SBS(R) nor indeed the Royal Marines. For referance, I'm(very)ex-Infantry; when I joined, the Dead Sea was only poorly, Christ was a Lance-Jack etc.

    I was not aware I had jumped to any conclusions regarding other members previous service. I simply pointed out that not actually serving with a unit was no bar to discussing it as long as noone attempted to "Walt it".

    I have the utmost respect for anyone who earns the Green Beret or, indeed, it's Maroon "cousin"(jumps into trench to avoid incoming fire.) Frankly, it would have been beyond my capabilities even when young enough to try.

    It is natural for members of any military/paramilitary organisation to be interested in the elite units of that organisation. For example, there are plenty of Coppers on ARRSE who are only too happy to discuss the selection, training etc of CO19, as long as OpSec is observed. The vast majority of these coppers have never served with CO19 or, indeed, the Met.

    Hope that clears things up.
  13. Fair enough!!

    Incidentally it was always interesting listening to dits about SO/CO19 or whatever they are known as this week. A troop Sgt from my unit who shall remain nameless described an incident around 15 years ago in which a team of tooled up plod were called to an armed incident were the assailants were still on scene. They all screech up in their unmarked cars, debussed and as one of the lads drew his weopon he shot himself in the foot with a 9mm round. The said Sgt then produced a phot of his team all around the hospital bed "Consoling" this lad!! :thumright:
  14. Ouch!

    There's an infamous video on YouTube showing a DEA Agent giving a lecture on firearms safety...and then shooting himself in the leg! :afro:

    To be fair, CO19 actually won an international sniping competiton a few years ago, which included teams from the British Army(I don't know if RM was involved).
  15. There was the training accident in Manchester just last week in which a member of a police firearms team was shot dead. Also a member of a firearms team close to where i live shot himself in the leg whilst test firing his weopon on the range a few years ago. The bungee type cord that is attached to both the weopon and person got caught around the trigger and he ND'd into his lower leg.

    I'm sure CO19 are very good at what they do and my only contact with them was during a brief exercise and knowing guys who were serving with them and my unit in the early 1990's.
  16. I've a friend who's a trainer in Met CO19 suffice to say standards are very high-can't say same of other forces.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I knew a bloke once... and that means I is a expert, innit! 8O
  18. Yeah, I read the Manchester copper was shot in the chest with a shotgun, poor bugger. There are rumours they coppers had been issued with live rounds when they thought they were training with blanks. Obviously, we wont know the full story for quite some time.

    There is definately a need for more armed coppers, though; Edinburgh is not exactly the Wild West, but we've had three shootings in the last week, with two people injured. And so far, none of the shooters have been arrested.
  19. Hi guys, this looks to be a bit of an old thread, but relevant for me

    I'm interested in attempting SBS(R) and have contacted them directly, although no response yet (early doors).

    To establish I am not a complete walt, I am currently serving with a good TA infantry unit.

    My questions are quite specific

    1. I live in London, do the unit have locations anywhere near there or is it a trek down to Poole every Thursday night (or whatever night)?

    2. How often are the courses run? And when do they begin? My phys is good but nowhere near the requisite level.

    3. The duration of the course from day1 to being 'badged'

    If anyone is interested in my motivations for SBS(R) rather than 21, it's simply that from what I've gathered the SBS(R) work more closely with their regular brothers, and that SBS must pass the same training as SAS and then a little on top to boot!

    Appreciate any help with above, hopefully they will get back to me soon anyhow.

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