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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. Well he must be; Pardew can get away with head butting another person in front of thousands of witnesses and not get his collar felt by the police. If I were to nut another person in public I would be charged with assault and rightly so. The fact that these prima donnas can get away with it grips my s..t.

  2. mgr


    Must have scouse in his blood
  3. should be sacked. his position is untenable and given the club sacked the under 21 coach less than a month ago for the same reason (arguably worse) there needs to be consistency. I know the FA aren't consistent, but the club should be. then again that's mike Ashley for you
  4. You seem to have missed the point, this should be dealt with by the police not the effin FA, assault is a criminal offence.
  5. Couldn't agree more finks. Sack first, severe disciplinary in most jobs, then police intervention without a doubt. I too am sick of these self-important thugs getting away with what they do.
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  6. certainly not. it would be up to Meyler to complain to the police for them to investigate as an assault. Which I take it he hasn't.
    surely, (happy to be corrected) based on your logic footballers/managers/coaching/backroom staff would have been investigated and/or prosecuted many many times over the years. Christ Roy Keane would have been on a constant ASBO, joey barton in jail again, Zidane in a german prison after 'that' world cup final?

    and that's just taking into consideration football. what about rugby? ice hockey (who actively have enforcers to fight on the rink). in short to reiterate it would be up to the individual on the receiving end. and I don't think even then the CPS would pursue.

    chances are there'll be some law expert on here along in a minute to correct me
  7. Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Duncan Ferguson did time for his "indiscretion", even though it was on the playing surface. (Although he did connect rather better than Pardew....)
  8. Why not take out a civil action against him if you feel so strongly about it Finks?

  9. Firstly, the headbuttee would have to press charges first before getting told off by the rozzers, 30,000 witnesses or not.

    Secondly, he was fined £100,000 by his employer. As a civvy you'd be looking at getting fined between £50 and £250 by the beak if charged. If not your employer is unlikely to care.

    Hardly got away with it. Park the bus.
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  10. drunken Duncan Ferguson. he loved a tear up

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  11. Not true and if you don't believe me check with SPB; if you can find him.
  12. He's doing some RNR STC time, but you never heard it from me ;)

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  13. An assault such as that in the workplace would see me dismissed for gross misconduct, no doubt whatsoever.
  14. Depends where you work but it was hardly a cheekbone shatterer.

    That kind of handbags is unlikely to get you sacked everywhere. He'd have hurt him more if he kissed him.
  15. amen to that montigny

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  16. And that.

    Think I'll start looking for another job.
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  17. The fact that he is as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest at sticking the heed on is irrelevant.

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  18. I think you may be in line for some kind of wake up call when you get to civvy street Monty, you can't even fart in someone's direction without getting in the poo with some civvy's.
  19. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Career civvies are a bloody pain in the arse.

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