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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Katmog, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. Is there such a thing as a Spec N tie or lapel badge?
  2. wal

    wal Badgeman

    I have an old pair of specs that I got as a gizzit.
  3. for heavens sake where's it going to end? presumably when everyone looks like a Christmas tree. Given how few dagger Ns there are actually cutting about the place, that's going to cater for about 50 people in the fleet (go on, surprise me, it'll really be more than that, but not vastly so).

    Then I suppose there could be one for any dagger N or FNO who's done the Chilean Navy's ice course, or maybe a nice little badge for anyone who was a senior sub at BRNC (at 3 a year forever I'd guess there're more of them than dagger Ns).

    Or a medal for passsing basic training?

    If we're going to start handing out bling to PWO(N), then we might as well have them for A, U, C, H, and whatever other specs they've invented lately. Then everyone can rejoice in being their mum's special little sailor and feel warm, loved, and most importantly a cut above all those round them.

    Quite apart from anything else, anyone wearing a tie badge of any sort deserves to be mistaken for the used car saleman they aspire to be. Very non-u don't you know. I suppose they also want to put pens in their top pocket.

    Outside dolphins, wings, commando dagger and lightbulb, officers should in any case be quite content with their uniform as it is - isn't it enough? clearly not.

    and yes, I was an officer. and yes, I'm still well in my 30s, so not a PSOF just yet.

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  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ignoring the misguided rant above for a moment, as you are obviously talking about civilian wear rather than uniform, the answer is I don't think so. There is a Signals Officers tie, but I have never seen a Dagger N version. The nearest I think would be the St Barbara's Association as I think the Gunners embraced Ns and Ds some years ago.
  5. Sorry SF and Katmog, I think that's being caught at a very bad moment! I read it as badge for tie or lapel, and made the leap to bomber pins/clips, etc from there.

    Having said that, I think there actually was something unofficial kicking around 10 or so years ago, which *was* worn on uniform, as I'm pretty sure two of my bosses and 2 Ops officers I served with that were all spec ns wore it, which is why I thought this was going down the line of "can I have some more bling for my uniform?"
  6. Because I have nothing better to do, here is a picture of a Signals Officers' Tie. Mine. For anyone interested it was designed by Lord Louis Mountbatten.

  7. I also now have a PWO badge that signifies that I am on a higher pay scale than non-PWOs. Imagine trying to sell that concept in the UK RN! :)
  8. Nice tie Sep86, now where would one go to acquire of them?
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  9. As course 'tie rep' (in 1998) the only way I could get them was to phone Gieves and Hawkes in London and order them. Not sure if they were in stock or made to order. Dread to think how much they would charge for one now. I'll pm Gunz and see if he has aquired one more recently.
  10. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    same process in '92.
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