Speaking about the RN on the internet


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I'm fairly active on twitter and a few people that I interact with know what I do for a living. I don't say what it is I do, nor where i've been or wheat I've been on. But anyway, I got asked a question the other day from a person I know who was asking general questions about life away and accommodation onboard etc.

Before I could even answer the questions I received a private message from the official Royal Navy twitter account saying that they "must insist that such official communications are the responsibility of the headquarters, not individuals."

There is also a DIN out (2016DIN 03-29) that goes into great detail about communication with the public and applies to all military and civilian staff.

I'm not wanting to rock the boat but inform those on here who post answers to questions asked by potential recruits about life in the jolly old RN.


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Sadly the MOD is cracking down on a lot of this - just make clear in your profile that your views don't represent that of the RN. There are multiple RN personnel on twitter who do this and post just fine. Also be careful with retweeting stuff that may be controversial.

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