Lantern Swinger
I have been a member on several forums now - mostly car-related) (GT4, Supra etc.) and it always seems to be that they (forums) attract some numpty who knows it all, been there, done it etc. and refuses to acknowledge that maybe their attitude, approach etc. is completely fucked up!

These 'trolls' for want of a better description, seem to be adept at winding the fuck out of all the more sensible members of the forum with their inane drivel and crap posts.

Now, for some reason I had assumed that a military forum would be immune to such planks but it seems that this is not the case!

So, thanks Spartan, you have (in my eyes anyway) joined the annuls of history for being a complete forum wanker and you join a long list of forum wankers - a not very exclusive club!!

brratt brratt brratt etc. etc. innit
Chrisz seen mate. He is being watched.He is highly un-original with his ''gangsta'' persona. I think arrse has had about 20 of these types .Just ignore him if you can


Lantern Swinger
LOL. I was a MOD on one car forum and we used to let these trolls hang themselves. The problem was that there was always some, decent member of the forum who got a little too wound up with the crap and ended up getting themselves into trouble with the mods for over stepping the mark!

Having said that, so far this site doesn't seem to be over-policed so perhaps he should be left out in the playground for the big boys to have some fun with :):)
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