Spanish Justice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. About 40 miles up the road from me a Mother was taunted by the man who raped her 13 year old daughter and was home on week end release from Prison doing his 9 year sentence.

    Well he won't do that again, she deserves a medal

    Be aware

  2. I have a certain sympathy for these crimes of passion. I guess in the UK she could use murder reduced to manslaughter on the grounds of dimished responsibility or even provocation. I know the latter depends on how long it was between the taunting and the action.
  3. Rosie

    According to the newspaper report, "minutes"

    Her defence should be that she has done a service to the community.

  4. But is there a legal defence? Rather than an emotional one?
  5. It also said she has suffered mental problems since the incident in 1998. This could be used as a defence in the U.K. to get away without jail time after a full psychiatric examination that concludes she is not a danger to any other member of public.
  6. No smoke without fire
  7. Good drills!

    Could she done for criminal damage, I understand that the bar suffered smoke damage and the stool was burned?

    Reminds me of an incident in Italy in the 70s. A woman was raped at gunpoint in her home. Afterwards the perpetrator fell asleep, (!!) so the woman picked up the weapon and shot him, she then turned herself in to the police

    dressed in black.

    Very good drills. :D
  8. Crikey Nutty, news travels real slow around your neck of the woods.

    This article is from 2005.

    I've heard of "Manyana", but this is ridiculous.

    :roll: :roll:
  9. Well we have to wait until its printed in a UK newspaper, Todays Telegraph, cos if we learnt to read Spanish we may actually know what is going on around here and leg it back to the UK.

  10. Big LOL! :lol:
  11. I totally understand how she feels although I won't divuldge why on here
  12. Blimey, are things that bad in sunny Paradise that you would even consider coming back to this shitehole of a country ?
  13. Luke likes this story alot.
  14. So you can still light up in spanish bars then
  15. Yes,charge the plod who brought the case with wasting the courts time.
  16. The law is an ass.

    The most elequent barrister wins the day. Irrespective of right and wrong.

    Good-oh to the woman. Served the git right for trying to a spanish smart arse and hide behind his glib comment.
  17. I have some sympathy for her actions, especially after allegedly being severely provoked. Nevertheless it is dangerous encouraging people to take vigilante action, especially after the News of the Screws irresponsible action some years ago resulted in vigilante action being taken against a paedrician in the erroneous belief that paeditricians and paedophiles are the same thing! :roll:
  18. You mean we're not?
  19. What a waste of petrol. Best to use the old oil out of the chip pan it sticks and burns real good :twisted:
  20. I doubt she would consider it a waste of petrol, and some may argue that the petrol was put to a perfectly good use.

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