Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by witsend, May 28, 2012.

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  1. witsend

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  2. It's a code. If you put all the numbers together and put them in to any iPhone, Jodrell Bank explodes. FACT
  3. Oooh, I love conspiracy theories. Capricorn One, Boys from Brazil.
  4. Grassy Knoll
    Area 51
    Moon landings
  5. Perhaps 41 is the first 2 numbers of Bodysnatchers official numbers?
  6. Wasn't 41 actually the REAL meaning of life, the universe and everything, 'cos Marvin had cocked up the original sums?
  7. Wot, Marvin **** up....surely not, he spent a millenia in that car park thinking it through.
  8. That's a negative .... 42 is the answer. Marvin no make misteaks (cough !!)
    Yours, J Beeblebrox
  9. 42 is/was the correct answer, but the Pan-Galactic beings asked the wrong question.

    That's why they created Earth - a supercomputer to find the ultimate question to the ultimate answer.

    Unfortunately, humans came up with "what do you get if you multiply six by nine", which is why there's something fundamentally wrong with the universe...

    ...or something along those lines. I can't find my copy of the Guide so I'm doing this from memory.

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