Spam Retaliation

web blobby said:
reported, at least this twat doesn't seem to work weekend.
I also get this same spam on a technical forum I moderate. Along with my son, we visited the site (and another that is always popping up) and noted all the email addresses they had.

We then spent the whole weekend visiting as many nasty sites, porn sites and gay sites as we possibly could and entering their email address into each one.

We have also sent the email addresses to all the spam we get giving us money or asking to marry us.

There is a lot of 'naughty but nice' stuff out there and there are some really horrible sites that almost, but not quite, put us off sex for life.

I've put their addresses here in the hope some spider will come crawling and diseminate them to other spamming sites, and for anyone else who fancies entering them into spam replies.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


War Hero
A man after my own heart. I used to have a 'puter geek mate and when we'd meet up for beers he'd bore me sh1tless but I'd pass on annoying spammers and he'd infect their computers with massive amounts of porn, he'd start off fairly unobtrusively but had a program which would eventually just overwhelm the spammers computer.

Out spam the spammer kind of thing. Unfortunately I'm now the other side of the world and out of contact, and, before anyone asks for the porn to be sent to their computer, you dont want this stuff, honest, you dont.

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