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I'm keeping a close eye. Can't move as AD jnr asleep on top of me. I'll be here for a while.


To paraphrase the great Malcolm Tucker, he was (like many) an irritating "eff star star ****".


Stranger than Friction,

Never a Moderator around at CA when you really need one then Nina turns up and offs a poor soul with a loveable c/s who's only crime is dishing out a few likes to the poor and needy amongst us :shock: :wink:


War Hero
Don't worry rat, she'll be back in a week and I'm sure you'll get another bagfull of likes.

Now that Mr Bump was a bit clumsy and kept bumping into things.
Fuckin easy for a part time thread inspector to say, put it in writing.
I can hear you very clearly still even as your country drifts away into oblivion.
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