Spam - all spammers in here, please


How about banning this 'Zonetang' ********, he is up to number 6 at the moment and will be back tomorrow (if he don't have the weekend off) with Zonetang '7' and posting his shit again.

His IP is 114, why not ban IP addresses from IP 114 - simple.
Sorted. I deleted before checking the ip address. If we can't ban that way I suppose we just keep banning as fast as we can and hope he gets bored


No, he won't get bored. I am the admin on a site that he visits every night and he has worked through a lot of names.
I banned the IP 114 (China) and it all ended.


Lantern Swinger
Right...who keeps "dealing with" and not saying so> If it's Good CO , I'm going to make him a cup of mud instead of coffee next week... :twisted:
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