Spains new Carrier

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. I suppose they could use it to help out their South American cousins, after all we would have trouble defending the IOW now.
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  2. IOW! I reckon the Scillies would be way beyond current capabilities.
  3. Drakes Island is looking dodgy
  4. So essentially its HMS Ocean but with ski jump and harriers.

    I think IoW might be a bit optomistic myself
  5. Who are you trying to kid IOW, the Kings stairs would be all we could hope for.
  6. At least Liverpool and Manchester would be safe...Argies would have to be nuts to go within 10miles of them....or anyone at all in fact
  7. Nope :laughing2: 27000 TONS Juan Carlos I (L-61) is a multi-purpose warship just commissioned to the Spanish Navy (Armada EspaƱola). Similar in concept to the American Wasp class LHDs it has the addition of a ski jump for STOVL operations, the ship will be equipped with fighter jets of the type AV-8B Harriers and will primarily be used as an aircraft carrier.
  8. Why is it called the Juan Carlos 1, was there a Juan Carlos
  9. Juan Carlos, two carlos, three carlos, four......

    Yeah ok, Il get my coat......
  10. Spain is really not interested in There south american cousins wants for certain islands. There was a piece in a local paper out here the other day, about spanish police foilling a plot by argy commondoes to blow up ships in Gib during the Falklands. Also the King stated that he thinks the uk government are stupid desicrating there armed forces.
    At the moment there worried about the ragheads across the water to the south, AND there is great concern about the new no smoking laws. lol lol.
    Still it was nice to see a carrier flying real aircraft, as she (the Astuias) sailed around cartajena. Brought back memories of when we had some lol lol
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  11. Spanish probably have their eyes on Ceuta and the passage of immigrants and drugs into spain....and any other undesirables that are drunken scousers on stag weekends
  12. The new no smoking rules, the toughest in the EU; and no messing with fines either as they are all paid up front. I welcome it as no longer do I have to go home and take all my clothes off - only to put them on the terrace or in the washing machine, depending on the wx.
    The Guardia Civil have more ships than the RN...but it's a little known secret!
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  13. Because the present monarch is the first Juan Carlos? and the Principe de Asturias is on a par with the Prince of Wales but with a difference; the former has a ship named after him.
  14. Jeez mate I was in Benidorm a few weekends back and trust me it is all true. I've never seen anything like it, blokes like bulldogs, the women even worse (with those hairdos they call 'Croydon Facelifts' hereabouts).
    The town itself is fine with one of the best seafronts and an amazing skyline; sort of Hong Kong mixed with Blackpool, but the people in the Brit bars:cry:
    How those Monarch flights get off the ground I'll never know...
  15. There is a big NATO Exercise coming up on the 28th of feb till the 10th of March, codenamed " Nobel Mariner". There apparently will be 20 ships and 4 sub,s from 11 nations, led by The Asturias. Do we have anything left to send on this exercise lol. They are going to call into Cartajena just down the road from me, but they have already said that not only will they fill the naval base but they will have to use the cruise terminal and the yacht basin. Might just go and have a look, and wave my pension book around.
  16. Standing NATO MCM Group 1 (SNMCMG1) is participating in Ex NOBLE MARINER 2011 and currently includes the Hunt Class minehunter HMS BROCKLESBY.

    Unless we are providing anything bigger for this major NATO exercise, how the mighty have fallen. We used to provide a carrier task group and gained tremendous professional training value (not to mention national prestige) from operating with the ships, submarines, aircraft and land forces of so many of our allies.
  17. This might interest you Fred and Sussex 2. Flickr: Royal Australian Navy's Photostream
  18. Yes Spain still has a functioning and prosperous shipbuilding industry with yards capable of building an entire ship, all in one place. So do the French.
    The only slight drawback about where the Oz ship was built, Ferrol, it that it was the birthplace of a rather obnoxious little jumped up chap - Now what was his name?:-? Anyway he's been dead for years but the ship building goes on.
  19. I've been to Ferrol briefly. Ok place despite having provided the world with one of its longest standing Fascist tyrants :p

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