Spain train crash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dapperdunn, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    A couple of months ago, the RCMP claimed they had busted a terror cell planning an attack on a train in Quebec. Since then there has been a train derailment and fire with heavy casualties in Quebec, the Paris crash and now this.

    Fcuking with trains is a low risk high return tactic for terrorists and the press will speak of vandals. Although the cause of the Quebec incident seems clear to police and technical investigators and isn't deliberate I'll accept 'coincidence' for these three incidents but keep my suspicious mind open.
  2. Got to be speculation at this stage. Could have been a number of things from broken fish plate to excessive speed. Report I saw said that the driver said he was going too fast and is now under investigation. Just have to wait for Accident Investigation guys and gals to come up with probable cause.

    From the pictures there is a slight "bank" to the track so that would perhaps mean that they have built the track so the trains can corner there at speed although the inside track does appear to have a much steeper bank than the other two - but the camera angle could be deceptive.

    Spose it would be easy to blame it on Basque Seperatists or some other organsiation but that has got to be speculation so will wait for the findings on the investigation.
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The current thrust of the investigation does indeed seem to be focusing on excessive speed.

    The BBC news man on site has been stating the obvious and asking bone questions;

    the coaches don't look like a train coach is supposed to look.

    What were the people trapped in the coaches trying to do?
  4. I have only seen the BBC news reports but having viewed the video of the crash you can narrow the cause down to excessive speed or a malfunction of a carriage coupling or one of the bogies.
  5. Why not wait until the official investigation returns its verdict?
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    If the Spanish press were likely to quote mine RR I'd agree. As it's unlikely, I won't.
  7. Its a testament to the accumulated knowledge from other crashes that the coaches are so intact and recognisable. Unfortunately the passengers can`t be upgraded in similar ways, and suffer injuries and fatalities from being shaken about within the coaches. I think it`d be fair to say, that if this had happened (which, bearing in mind excess speed is the current favourite factor, so wouldn`t have happened at all) on a straight section, then the lateral forces would be nearly nil and the death toll in single figures.
  8. It seems strange that you need to wear a seatbelt in a road vehicle (stand fast m/c), and these days are advised not to take your belt off on an aircraft, but no provision is made for this on trains.

    I'm not saying this would have saved any lives or prevented injuries but it must surely help in these situations.
  9. Over here, the authorities are petrified of any kind of seat belt law for trains, for it`d mean you`d need/have to have a seat.
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  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Wouldn't do much good in the UK Wrecks, I read recently that in some areas that the trains are overloaded by over 84 percent, I presume that that is passengers without seats.

  11. I can relate to that. Caught the 16:30 from the Smoke down to Portsmouth on a 10 car train on a wednesday a couple of weeks back. No seats available and people were standing in the doorways /passageways between carriages along with bikes/suitcases/bags ... you couldn't move about and no where to hold on to as train was leaping about. Seems that the days of having a "guards van" where you had to stow your bike / big bags have long gone - end result the gangways are totally cluttered so if there was a major incident trying to get people out would be an absolute nightmare! Makes me laugh as buses can only have 15 people max standing downstairs only - yet get on a train (over or underground) and they just cram as many people in as they can with no regard for anyone.
  12. The pompey to cardiff line is usually jam packed- they run every hour which is nice and regular but even at peak times they just send a 3 carraige one (i think? It's definitely small however many carraiges it is!) Not only is getting a seat impossible but people tend to carry a lot of luggage; i guess bar the local stops ie) someone popping from bath to trowbridge, most people are heading to pompey/soton/cardiff for work, uni or a short break. Not only as has been said would it make it extremely challenging to evacuate if god forbid there was an incident, but also in this hot weather for example when they have like 2 windows and no air con it makes it actually unbarable.

    Awful, awful tragedy, thoughts are with all of those who lost their lives and the loved ones they left behind. Hopefully amid all of the random speculation the authorities can find the cause as to be able to make the neccessary changes to work toward ensuring it never happens again.
  13. I appreciate all the comments re seatbelts on trains, it's just always amazed me that there are all these strict laws on the number of people carried on any form of public transport with the exception of trains where it's normal practice to jam as many people as possible into a small tube on wheels that regularly reaches speeds up to 125mph. Train accidents don't occur that regularly (compared to the number of train journey's taken) but when it does go wrong, it goes spectacularly wrong.
  14. The fact that the Brits put up with and pay handsomely for our appalling 3rd world rail service just goes to illustrate the subservient mind-set that we have. They will whine about it down the pub and on internet forums but the chances of them getting together and showing some people power are zero, what a nation of mugs we are.
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  15. Says a lot for Pompey that. People will even go to Wales to escape.
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  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    My bold. So finks, are you 'us' or 'them'?
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  17. I don't know if legislation has changed since BR was privatised.

    I was informed after making a complaint regards a train journey my family made from Weymouth to Glasgow where we had to stand or sit on our luggage most of the way. The letter from British Rail stated I had paid for the journey NOT the seat. If I wished to guarantee a seat then I should have paid extra and 'reserved' a seat.
  18. Haha this is very true, luckily i escape half way down the line usually- the golden part of england!

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