Spain getting upitty about Gibraltar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dublinclontarf, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Do you have to post every little bit of Navy related news all the time? This isn't Royal Google news you know.
  2. No but it is a site for people with an interest on naval matters.

    If it bothers you don`t read the posts simple
  3. Spain - Gib, it's a seasonal thing.
  4. Have to disagree Joe.

    Rum Ration Home page states:

    The Navy Net, 'Rum Ration', is THE UK's most popular Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary community. A vast collection of information, humour and bullshit with forums, wiki, image library, chat, jokes and more...

    So, this is exactly the right place for dublinclonarf to post matters that might be of "Naval Interest" !
  5. I believe Joe was making reference to (possibly even quoting word for word) something that Dublin said to Soleil last week. Do try to keep up.

    Edited for gash spelling
  6. I have to step in and defend Joe at this point.

    Joe's being the gallant gentleman he is.

    He has said to Dublin the exact words Dublin said to me, verbatim, when Dublin felt a bit frustrated with the number of press articles I had listed on that particular day.

    Thank you, Joe x.

    And the subject is .......

    Gibraltar .......

    As you were.
  7. Hoorooh! Pass the popcorn, this might develop into something interesting
  8. oops :oops: missed that one.

    Apologies Joe, he deserved that for having a go at Soliel
  9. X

    In truth, I only expected you and Dublin something tart to get it, and chuckled when I saw the fall-out.

    It may be a little known fact elsewhere, but the Mayor of La Linea has put up tollbooths with the intention of extracting at least 5 euros from folk entering Spain from Gibralter.

    His actions have been decried as illegal by all and sundry, including the EU. However, as far as I am aware, from October 12th, pay you will.

    Spanish citizens working in Gib wil be exempt and the charges MAY be voluntary.....
  11. Most spaniards don't give an apes toss about El Peñon and regard it as rather a quaint outpost of a long gone empire.
    Frankly they have enough 60s tower blocks of their own without inheriting a few more.
    What they would like is full cooperation between the UK and themselves to stop the drug running and illegal immigration which is prevalent in the area; prevalent to a degree that most people in the UK would struggle to understand.
  12. Agreed. A few more 'sub saharans' washed ashore here last week and 750kg of hash intercepted recently.
  13. Is 'Smokey Joe' still afloat!

    What with the Argentinians sabre rattling as well it looks as though the Latinos have sensed a chink in our armour.
  14. Nice one Joe :thumbright:
  15. We have Armour!!!!!!!! 8O

    Don't tell the government! :?
  16. Oh come on. The Spaniards getting upset about Gib? There's a day in the week, of course they're upset. It's not news.

    They've been miffed since 711AD when Tarik Ibn Ziyad marched into Visigothic Christian Iberia and called a big hill Jibel Tarik.

    Although that was before Spain was Spain, so shall we say 'the locals' or 'the neighbours' have always been miffed? Maybe that's more historically accurate.

    If they couldn't be arsed to defend the place, that's their fault.

    (edited for rats spelling)
  17. White Rose is bob on it's been going a fair while. The difference is that current economic and political climate has made matters worse. The Campo de Gibraltar (the area of Spain surrounding Gib) has always struggled financially.

    The establishment in Andalucia is the PSOE so when the man in the street wants to rebel he votes PP. This is what has happened La Linea. The toll has two functions:

    1) To demonstrate that the PP is takes a hard like on issues close to nationalist hearts.

    2) To try and blackmail the PSOE who are the current partyin power nationally to find extra 'development' cash at a time of serious cuts to 'develop' the area (read to line the pockets of your family and associates by ensuring they get the development / social support contracts.

    Feelings are running very high in Gib over the issue. They are being used by both parties as pawns in a power and money struggle at a time of economic crisis.

    Much of the unilateral action by the Guardia Civil in the last couple of years has been driven by the same issues but mostly the cash problem as they, along with many public servants, have been trying to assert their position.

  18. Joe Crow Nominated for COTW here:-

    Nominated primarily for the above comment !

  19. I'm glad someone posted it,my holiday on Sunday, was changed [and upgraded] by Saga from Cyprus to Marbella.
    One of the excursions was to Gib [at a cost of 45 euros each!] I told the wife I ain't going the amount of times I've been there but she wants to go.
    If the Spics are causing trouble again at the Border then I'll save 90 Euros.
    Even my wife won't pay if there's hassle.

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