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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by TheLastStoker, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. Right.....basically i was haveing a slight disagreement with my OPPO About this, I was wondering if anyone could tell me;

    Whos allowed to join SPAG

    How you go about it!

    And anything else that could help me win!!

    Cheers in advance!
  2. The SETT no longer conducts pressurised escape training, but remains open.
  3. Fair enough.
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I believe its open to anyone, cooks to chief tiffs. I don't think you have to be a submariner either, but don't quote me.
  5. cheers for the help so far, if anyone knows where ninja's grot is, maybeye he could help me with the who can join question, that the real sticking point with my soon too be deceased oppo!

  6. Our TI Hamish ******* and one of the scab lifters did it so theres 2 branches for you.

  7. I was a Chief Tiff (Mech really!!) submariner and they wouldn't take me as at the time they said that we were too technical and need to stay in our own billets. :cry:

    Might be different now, but I'd have loved it........ :lol:
  8. I know a couple of ME tiffs (submariners) who've done it
  9. I thought someone in a previous thread had said that the SETT was now being used by commercial diving clubs and suchlike as a recreational facility i.e. £34 to do an ascent.......which brings in quite an income for whichever organisation runs it these days. I presume the Andrew get priority for the Submarine Service...or are there days reserved for civvies to use the tank ??

  10. Lucky jammy barstewards! I'd have loved to put para wings above my dolphins -what a wheeze!! Oh, what extra pay............? :oops:

  11. SETT was open to visiting divers, as it provide clear warm water and a safe (sic) environment for civvy scooby doos to do a 30m dive. I think (stand to be corrected) that there were only a few days each month, usually at the weekends and prior booking was essential. I did/do all my 30m+ dips in the sea, although when working in Dolphin as a Ship's Diver (RIP) we did do some work in the tank, which subsequently enabled me to get an HSE PtIII.

    Also, the facility at Horsea Lake was used for civvy scooby doos for years, again a very safe environment. I think that now the security thing has got in the way, and it no longer happens.

  12. When I was on the MCT in Vernon, we used to back up SPAG, namely go on jollies with them to Jersey and get drunk, party and throw ourselves out of the back of the Herc...happy days.

    The pay office came up with some shite that we couldn't draw diving and para pay, we all said..okay, we won't jump anymore,...which meant they would have to disband the navy's Counter Terrorist Team..funnily enough we started getting paid para pay straight away.

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