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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by taffscrivs, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. A bloke and his wife are walking down their street when they see their neighbour beating a paki to death with a spade. "my God!" exclaims the wife, "That's outrageous!". "Too right it is", says the husband, "I lent him that spade six months ago, it's about time he brought the ****** back!".
  2. Capital P for Paki please.
  3. Somewhere in 1972, there is a 'comic' in a social club in Rotherham wanting his joke back.
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  4. It was Manchester actually, the spade was a Spear&Jackson, small 'p' for paki as he was only a little one.
  5. You are nothing if not enthusiastic in your pursuit of shite comedy. I hope you have a fall-back.
  6. I have and here it is. Two blokes having a drink on the patio when they see a black bloke legging down the road with a 56" plasma screen telly on his shoulder. 1st bloke says to his mate "That looks like yours". 2nd bloke replies "Bloody does too, I'd better go home and check". Ten minutes later he's back and says to his mate, "No it's not mine, mine's at home scrubbing the floor!".
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  7. Exceptional, this kind of humour is on the decline. It will probably be completely extinct when you die.

    Double bonus.
  8. I find most humour funny, whoever and whatever it is about, there are Scottish, Irish, Polish jokes plus fat, ugly, spastic and may others.
    So why do ethnc minorities object when they are the subject.
    Most jokes can be funny, what is not funny is when a joke is told with malice.
  9. I don't care as long as it's funny. This isn't. Well, it might have been 40 years ago.
  10. Monty
    I served with a guy name of Sam Walker, Sam was an LREM(A) plus he was on the dark side, he walked into a mess at Daedalus and got a couple of funny looks, his response "Whats the matter with you honkeys? Price of bed spaces just fallen?" That was it, the ice was broken. Sam was a great bloke well liked and respected, he could take a joke and dish one out, yes it was 35 years ago, but Politicol correctness is wrecking free speech.
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  11. I have no issue with free speech, just unfunny jokes. Meh, each to their own.
  12. Monty
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,similarly humour is dependent on the person on the recieving end, some wil find it funny, others not.
    However just because I don't like certain kinds of humour does not mean that I have to shout out loud against it from the rooftops, I just let it slide.
    Racial jokes can be hilarious, unfortunately in todays world unless the teller is of the ethicity of the joke then the jokes are non starters.
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  13. I suggest that 'ethnic minorities' object because such jokes are racist. They rely on negative racial stereotypes for their humour.

    The 'Paki' joke should be exactly as funny if told just using 'bloke'. The humour supposedly, is in the fact that the outrage is about the borrowed spade not being returned, rather than the beating.

    When you exchange 'bloke' for Welshman, Irishman, Paki, ginger etc, the focus of the joke shifts such that the spade is more important not than the beating, but than the minority concerned. The object of the joke becomes the put-down of said minority.

    What you actually want is not free speech, but the freedom to be racist without being criticised.
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  14. It can be a fine line I suppose, I do see slim's point, though the tired old 'some of my best mates are black' suggestion does get a bit clichéd, and starts to look like a cop out.

    As Taffd points out above, these jokes do appear to rely on needlessly insulting someone, the subject of the joke is not the 'paki' it's the *ahem* spade. Why bring a 'paki' into it?

    Anyone who doesn't like such dull (in my opinion) humour is labelled 'PC' which is, as I think MLP has referred to elsewhere, the equivalent put down for those failing to make a valid point in an argument as they claim the cry of 'racist' is for those who object to racism.

    I like Frankie Boyle, and his humour is a very long way from PC, so just because I don't like poorly developed 'paki' jokes I can hardly accept that I, or many others who don't enjoy this kind of humour, as being part of the liberal (I'm certainly not that either!) PC conspiracy
  15. Sincere apologies to all that I may have offended, it was not my intention and will not happen again. To all those I have not offended, Tough, there will be no more of this nature.
  16. Don't apologise, just tell funnier jokes.

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  17. Okay Chief Critic, give me some tips,. Are Poofs, M.Ps, Lawyers etc.fair game? If so I've got a few about them up my sleeve.
  18. Anyone's fair game in my book as long as its a well developed, clever joke.

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  19. I wasn't offended. I was merely answering the question as to why ethnic minorities might be.

    I contend that racism, prejudice, is an extreme form of tribalism - 'if you're not one of us, then you're one of them'. As in gangs.

    When one is with a group of mates, of whatever ilk, banter is exchanged, often of a nature that would be deemed aggressive, threatening or demeaning, if used to a stranger. I've known racist people who have friends of the minority they choose to discriminate against, 'but he's ok, he's one of us'.

    The thing about this type of humour is that it's seen by its purveyors as harmless. Non-malicious. But this very 'harmlessness' makes it acceptable to perceive, maybe unconsciously, that some people, or groups of people, are 'lesser', allowed to be laughed at.

    But while the joker may make the odd joke, the 'victim' of said joke will have heard the like day in, day out, from loads of jokers. It's the reason why we hear of ginger-haired people committing suicide. It becomes the norm that these groups of people are laughed at and demeaned and makes it easier for those so inclined to take it further. It's insidious and all-pervasive.

    That's some more stuff that I think.
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  20. I don’t agree with the suggestion that it is always a cliché that “some of my mates are black” is a cop-out. I was born in the south end of Liverpool 8 which was the melting pot of that cities mixed cultures. I went to school with kids that were all colours of the rainbow and played with the same kids when school was out. Some of them were black and the remainder of every other hue imaginable from Latino and Oriental to even a full-blooded Apache kid called Charlie Kicking Horse. The fact that I was white and they didn’t happen to be never reared its ugly head. They were my mates and given the passage of time and natural wastage some still remain so to this late date in my life.

    I joined the Navy with three of them, Moey Birch, who was as black as your hat, and Billy Binnelli, who was of southern Italian descent but looked more Arabic in appearance. From the Chinese community was Hop Sei Chen. All Liverpool born and bred with the same street smart’s that one associates with anyone living in that or any other big city. They learnt the hard way that to break down any racial barriers was to get the licks about colour in first before anyone else did and it worked almost every time. On the rare occasions that didn’t work, they were capable enough in the school of hard knocks to sort any differences out with their detractors, by let us say, more physical means.

    Moey decided the Navy was not for him and graduated to the Army which suited him better. He later served in the Foreign Legion and led an interesting career until honourably retired after 20 years service. Hop and Billy both served out their 22 years leaving the mob as CPO’s. Back then we were not hampered by the Race Relations Act or the PC garbage that permeates our society so deeply today. That section of my city was racially-integrated many decades before people started banging on about multi-culturism or diverse ethnicity.It still continues to this day and long may it do so. Scousers are always open to any humour you want to dish out but by the same token you better be prepared to take it too.
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