Spaceman99 is a thick crying cúnt

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by cúnto, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Champion effort Cnuto! My fave bit is the shi++y chin joke! Maybe a video accompaniment to COTW could be a regular addition!?
  2. Truly Jonno, you are a genius of the highest order
  3. You guys would need 2 promotions to get to be assholes!
  4. I love this site! :laughing3:
  5. I've already had two. Are you calling Warrant Officers arseholes? Good luck with that.
  6. You guys really need to lighten up and take the banter am surprised the weight of the chips on both shoulders has not sunk the ships by now
  7. Thanks for that.
  8. Now, I am not normally one to butt in on a thread, I read and digest the info on here and correspond through the PM system when not sure about something.
    But you sir, are almost as annoying as Arfur Finger was, you are as rude as you are ignorant, and now that your fcukmonkey insults have run dry, are trying to pass it off as "banter".
    I think, you should be tied up in JJs cellar, and see how you "take it" !!
    And I can rest assure you, it will NOT, be chips on your shoulders that will sink you, more than likely after the festivities are over it will be concrete blocks and off of the Humber Bridge with you.

    P.s. Enjoy the snow :)
  9. "And you sir" are a coward and a a cookoo!Exactly who talks like this these days.Believe there's a modern adaptation of David Copperfield that starts filming next week..theres a space for an extra should get in there mate quickly if i was you!
  10. Genius...
  11. I'm just jumping on the band wagon, but....

  12. Stop it AC,... now take a deep breath and lets forget him and talk about something interesting.
    Something like the Ferrel's in your garden and what we'ed like to do to (with) them. :D :oops:
  13. And you, you rapscallion, young bounders and loblollies like yourself still need to spell. This has gone far enough...I throw down the gauntlet sirrah, name your seconds, 'tis pistols at dawn :twisted:
  14. I'll offer my services as your second, Wrecks. Forsooth, 'twould be a wond'rous thing to behold.
  15. Verily, I shalt be honoured noble Sir
  16. How dare thee mock thy intentions towards thy whench.You sir are a bounder and a rougue of thy highest order.Despatch thee thence from whenceforth thy came good gentalman!

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