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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sam7, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Out of interest - How much space do you get on board for personal items? I was assuming it was not very much however some of the videos on youtube draw the conclusion that there is at least room for guitars and amplifiers. Is this right?
  2. Youd be lucky.
    You get a locker about the size of a small cardboard box so ive heard.
  3. Not that I'm expecting that much space by the way.
  4. I heard it was a matchbox :dwarf:
  5. We had room for a 32 piece orchestra on the Massive, the Strings section used to keep you up all night sometimes as the 1st Violin was a bit of a perfectionist.
  6. 4242 Mess 16 Deck s23x on Massive was excellent we all had lock-ups 3mts by 4 mts. I had my hang glider, surf board and the vibratto section of the Dagenham Girls Choir in mine.

  7. Doesn't matter what your issued with, just see the chippy and he'll knock you up a rabbit hutch no problem.
  8. Sheer luxury!! When we was a lad, if it didnt fit in yer pocket you had to leave it ashore
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...and the drummer was a bit of a percussionist! What Mess where you in? I was 17 X-Ray Mess, next door to the swimming pool... I used to go on watch as Boatswain's Mate on the Bridge and by the time I got there, it was time to come back down below again to shake my relief!
  10. geoffg

    As a Jock even if only by residency, the only thing you ever have in your pocket is a bit of string and yer hand so you can play with yourself.

  11. all you need is your laptop and w*nk sock - everything else just nick off your oppo
  12. This is a serious question and needs an answer.

    I was not on the Massive, however I was on her sister ship the Awsome

    We used to keep our stuff in the 5 a side astroturf gym when it was not being used for concerts by the orchestra.

    Sorry ^~

    Back to reality, you have enough space for you uniform and very little for personal kit, however after you have been onboard a while you will soon pick up what you actually need onboard for particular deployments and where you can stow extras.
  13. I used the shed on the roof to store my gear - the Wessex 3's kept falling out of the sky so the space was redundant. Even got the Wafu's to keep sentry since they had nowt to do. My fine wine collection and David Bowie platforms were in great shape throughout the various voyages.

    Wonder what happened to my Slade & Gazza Glitter collection? :afro:
  14. You been on that cheap southern Cava again mate?
  15. How lucky you barst*rds on the Massive were. I was drafted to the Miniscule, and did not have a locker at all. I had room to stow one set of civvies (negative shoes) under my bunk (I say 'under', I mean 'in') and had no room for anything else. Every time my 8's came back from the laundry, I would have to put the clean ones on, and chuck the ones I'd been wearing back in the dirty pile.
  16. But not that small, she had space for a laundry and bunks, when we had our Jolly to Exeter on HMS Shrimp, small we had to hot passage floor when off watch..


    Small, no black cat, just a black hampster.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    When I was on board HMS Fagstamp I didn't even have room to crack one off on the Skipper's chair... :oops:
  18. At least you had bunks. We had overhead lockers in HMS Infintesimal but had to sleep in them.


    When the messes were modified to accommodate women, the competition for space got even tighter.

  19. The Miniscule !!!!!!!! You dont know how lucky you were,I got a crash draft to HMS Minute,Im not saying it was small but we had to find our Lockers using a Magnifying glass as they were that small and we all done 6 month deployments with 12 on, 12 off watches, whilst still closed up at Action Stations whilst off watch and we had to share our bunks with 3 people at the same time but we just got on with it.
  20. Small!! You don't know what you're on about. We used to dream about a Draft to Ship's Detachment on the Miniscule
    Try living in a two man snow hole heated with a candle and your oppos farts, with all your kit (Full Blues, Lovats, AP Boots, 3x working rig, Arctic cammo gear and Rations and Ammo for 3 days) folded into the side pouch of a day sack, so that when pulled out they were still immaculate, because the sack itself is carrying your Tuba/Saxophone and Kettle Drums then you'll know how lucky you were.

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