Sows ears and silk purse comes to mind.

Chris Rea wrote a song about the M25, he called it 'The Road to Hell'

Up north we have the M62 Eastbound which we call 'The Road to Hull'

pretty similar really.


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Whoever voted has obviously never been there. Even the rest of Yorkshire don't like the place and there's few people as tribal as Yorkies.
At least Dundee has a cake named after it ... or perhaps they named it after the cake ... the other places are akin to takeing a large dose of picolax ... gives you the shits!
It's just one of those shit awards they give to complete spastics to say "well done, you tried really hard."

Like the 'most improved recruit award' at Raleigh.

It means "congratulations, no one thought you'd pass but you scraped through - just. Have this shitty award as a little personal boost and to make sure you don't **** up again."

Liverpool and Glasgow are both previous winners of this dogshit accolade. That should tell you all you need to know.


In a past life as a sales manager I spent many hours 'on the road' in various parts of the country and I can honestly say the best view of Hull was in the rear view mirror (M62 Westbound).....have to say Grimsby was a close second.
Had two lads on the squadron from Ull and they both banged their notice in at the same time to get back to the motherland! 6 months later they were begging to get back in the mob! :)

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I think its good for Hull, it is a dive and currently one people would probably hasten to call culturally thriving. However this award aims to help stimulate investment and interest in the area, as happened with Liverpool. It is sold as an award but I always think rather than a pat on the back to somewhere already doing well it is to stimulate activity in the area. Loads of the Portsmouth based groups are claiming its disgusting and they should have won; a) no and b) not good to be a bad sport.


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Thing is R3, Liverpool has always excelled in developing musicians, poets, comedians etc Hull's contribution to culture is ........... help me out someone.
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