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Southern Echo: "HMS Dragon Sanctioned To Track Russian Vessel Off Scottish Waters"


War Hero
An extraordinary article. It actually reads:

"The MoD sanctioned HMS Warrior, the Royal Navy's fleet-ready escort, to meet up with the Vice Admiral Kulakov, which is transiting past the UK.

A spokesman for the MoD said the vessel was deployed last week.

HMS Warrior left its permanent base in Portsmouth dockyard to keep an eye on the ship to waters off Scotland."

If HMS Warrior is indeed the RN's fleet-ready escort and currently deployed to keep an eye on Russian ships, things have indeed reached a parlous state ........

He's a 'Senior Reporter' as well.

Hampshire warship tracks Russian vessel (From Daily Echo)
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Lantern Swinger
To be fair, give it a few years and this article will probaly be valid.

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