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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirlin, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. Bloody Wightsparker promised he would not wear his blue gingham dress but did anyway, clashed with my turquoise loon pants (see what I did there) and pink ' Hello Sailor ' tank top.
    Good job there were some fine Gales Ales on tap in his local.
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  2. That's hurtful. It was pink gingham. Don't know why I bothered, apart from the Gales HSB.
  3. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Gales HSB, no such thing anymore in my humble opinion. Made by Fullers in London.

    I went on a tour of the Gales Brewery once, when I was teaching. Now being a card carrying CAMRA member back in the day, every brewery is much the same. We were shown round by an old Geordie guy. We'd paid our money and were promised a buffet, so I had no tea as I thought I'd fill my boots later.

    Just across the road was the tap room, and when we'd finished the gadgie turns to the group and says 'have any of you ever worked in a pub?' I volunteered that I had so he throws me the keys and says he'll be back in couple of hours.

    We start behind the bar mixing up half and halfs of Gales HSB and the bottle conditioned Old Invincible Ale, with Strawberry Wine chasers. I look across the room to see that the buffet consists of a large bowl of Tortilla Chips, and that's it.

    It then all goes blurry, until I woke up in Emsworth in the Head of PE's bed with one of the Male PE staff and the Head of PE's dog (sloppy kisser too).

    The Brewery site is all luxury flats now up at Horndean.:(
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  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You be careful SS on the demon drink.

    I remember the last time you went mental. There was a few candlelight vigils and wet knickers whilst you were enjoying a pint. ;)
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  5. ...and the drugs , don't forget the drugs. :eek:

  6. I agree, HSB is not what it used to be when it was made at Horndean. But it's about the best available in my local. Gales wines were certainly interesting, but most were too sweet for me. The Birch was OK, but the Strawberry.........

    And if you are into a blurry nostalgia fest, what about CSB?
  7. Ah CSB the nectar of the Gods.
    God rest it's soul
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  8. Not got any Goddards on tap your end of the Island then???

  9. Not in my local. Mind you, I'm partial to a drop of bottled Duck's Folly, with or without an anagram translation.
  10. The Crab in Shanklin had Scrum on draught during my stay , very nice , hotel had the full range of Godd's in bottle.
    You will have to give me a heads up for next year as to locations for Goddards on draught.
  11. Ah, memories are made (lost) from this! Parsnip or Cherry - yummy! Remember 'The Lone Barn' at Bursledon anyone? Served all the country wines.

    I went there once with a 'special friend' since it was well off the beaten track, only to find someone I knew with his 'special friend'!

  12. So that could have been OK.
    Unless your "special friend" was his wife, and/or his "special friend" was your wife.......
    That could have been interesting.
  13. Stirl:

    Re Goddards on draught.

    I will undertake research.
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  14. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Gen Dit, we had two families out near Denmead where that more or less precisely happened. The husband from family A took off with the wife of family B, then the wife from Family A shacked up with husband from family B. Parents evenings were a bloody nightmare.....
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  15. And remembering birthdays............
  16. Scrum is b***dy lovely! as is Ale of Wight and Fuggle de Dum! Not too keen on the Ducks Folly though!

    "Dairymans" often have one on tap as does the "Spyglass" ???
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  17. When I was working out of Fort Bouldnor, Burt's Ales was the local brew. Is it still going?
  18. Nah ... happily "Burts" is no more ... never really traveled well out of Ventnor anyway! Think the brewery was taken over by Yates's but Wightsparker may know more about that.
  19. Shame... It was popular, because it was cheap and on a 'blank week', made all the difference. :)
  20. As I recall, Burts ran out of steam some years ago. I wasn't a great fan of their draught beer myself, but I occasionally bought some of their bottled brown ale from what I think was the brewery's off licence (now a private house) in Ventnor. It was quite cheap! But I think Burt's head brewer was involved in the setting up of Goddards, so in a way there is some continuity.
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