South Africans to get kicked out of the corps??

I was speaking to an old oppo of mine who is a South african still serving in the corps, He told me that quite recently they (kaffers) were briefed that in the near future they maybe ''Services no longer required'' Due the South African Goverment deeming them all as mercenaries bla bla bla.. hes just enrolled himself onto the armorers course to try and make himself a bit more retainable in case the situation arises. Is this another classic case of our shit goverment turning its back on its own blokes Or is my mate just talking shit cos he is a bit of a piss head ha ha.
Anybody got any more int on this? :afro:
Well there goes several hundred well trained, enthusiastic soldiers/servicemen off to the likes of Blackwater PLC, where they can be real I mean Private Security Contractors.
Even if this doesn't come to pass it is piss poor management to be allowing the rumour mill to be going full tilt and not have any definate answers for those who may be affected.


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I've heard the same thing.

This leads me on to a story........

As a young thruster in B coy we had a couple of South Africans bimble in one day fresh out of the box, excellent fellows that they were.

They had joined the Corps to get out of national service in South Africa????

Anyway, out of privacy and probably legal requirements lets name them after a famous burger and a famous prisoner.

Dutchy was an ace guy, he is immortalised in the book "The making of a Royal Marine Commando", he has a full page picture of him chewing two pencils in the jungle.

Fletch, was the most laid back guy I ever met, he needed wheels on the back of his head he was that chilled out.

Anyway after a few tedious years they both became LC ratings, then decided to fcuk off back to the land of sunshine.

Apparantley, as the story goes, they were on a pompey ship, the bootnecks where fallen in with the better and the good facing them, behind the better and the good was the ferry to france.

As the Bootnecks were asked where dutchie and fletch were, they sailed passed waving, the booties said nowt.


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This is relatively old news.

HOWEVER: All South Africans wishing to join the RN/RM should be aware the SA government declared a Mercenary Act, two years ago. All those serving in UK Armed Forces were advised accordingly.

All commonwealth South Africans currently serving with or intending to join the UK Armed Forces have been advised (For the last two years!) to check how this may affect them upon their intent to return to SA.

Edited to clarify
I understand that according to some UN convention or other, one cannot be classed as a mercenary if one is a member of the armed forces of a recognised national government. That is, fully integrated into the service, same pay and conditions etc, not just given a nominal rank and a lucrative contract above what others earn.

This is what got Australias favourite terrorist, David Hicks, out of prosecution for mercenary activity as the Taliban were the recognised government of Afghanistan at the time he served with them.
This first came up when i was at raleigh as the PO came out and asked if any of us had duel citizenship etc.
He said no one was going to get kicked out but there would be complications.


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9inchesofheaven said:
So as a Saffa with duel citizenship, would this affect me applying for RM after varsity?
Your best bet is to speak directly to the overseas desk at London AFCO (email address is incorrect) as you need to confirm eligibility through residency as well as Nationality. Alternatively check out the implications of the South Africa Mercenary Act through the South African Embassy (if not in South Africa) or through the SA Government website.

SA Anti-Mercenary Act news item.

BBC News Item


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Time was (1960s) we kicked out S Africans who were loyally serving in the RN.

Before that began to roll, on a misty day in Lossiemouth my class (in battledress) were given a visit to a visiting Vulcan to give us something to think about between breakfast and secure, 5 at a time. The Crab WO showing us round inside this beast asked one of the officers on my stick 'What are those little dogs on your shoulder boards?'

(Trying to do the accent) 'Those are not dogs, they are lions, Ah em a Sarth Efrican!'

and we were all bundled out onto the tarmac at the rush, end of visit.
Didnt affect me...too much anyway. But i had to get two references from people already serving as part of my 'security clearance'. Slows things up massively but i got here eventually. Im going on to week 5 now. Training is errm.....hard...just so you know :roll: lol. got wet n dry next week, good times. mud run was quite an experiance too......

Good luck to all bushcats (saffers) joining, you're all legends. (training team don't share that same view though lol.

Mercenary thing is very old news though as has been said.
As the invading Pongo I can only quote our side of things but I can't see there being any difference. The SA govt made a unilateral declaration that all SA citizens not in the SA Army were to be considered mercenaries, with all the legal bits that would go with that on their return to SA. This was a knee jerk reaction due to the embarressment caused by SA mercs working for outfits like executive outcomes. HMG quite rightly was worried about what would happen to the big blob of SA bods currently serving so engaged with SA govt on the issue. They came to an agreement that SA citizens serving with UK forces could register as such so they would not get lifted as mercs when they went home. This works ok up to a point, ie the UK conducting Ops that SA doesn't agree with and possibly banning SA citizens from taking part. To date NO decision has been finalised by the SA govt. As a pre-emptive measure the Home Office has made it easier for SA citizens serving in the Armed Forces to obtain UK citizenship, and advised that those with dual citizenship may wish to consider giving up their SA citizenship. Definately a sticky situation as the potential of restricted employability could have reprecussions on one's career... but that is my own conjecture. I believe further guidance is due to hit the streets in the New Year.

There are elements of truth in all your comments. The LTT (line to take) is that should a person wish to apply for service in the RN/RM the SA government recently declared that any SA national who applies to another countries armed forces is to be declared a mercenary. This has no implication should that person not wish to re-visit SA. If they do they should seek clearance from the SA Embassy in London to state they have clearance to enter another countries armed forces.
There was a DIN issued on this recently, I'm currently working at a training establishment so have had just a few worried revruits in to see me, I'll try and dig out the reference.

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