south african assault vest

hey guys who knows where i can get a good southafrican asault vest for a friend? hes a para in training
are the web tex kits anygood?

need a few suggestions on websites and good reliable alternitives ???? :thumright:


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Some bloke was on here flogging them a while ago, trawl through the newbie/corps threads mate, you might have to go back a fair few months mind.


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SA vests are crap, the magazine pouches sewn on random points round the webbing.

I had a web-tex assault vest, it fell apart (literally) on an exercise.

go arktis, pussers, or look at israeli webbing, its hoofing.
Have a look at ARRSE in the QMs forum there are multiple threads on webbing. The 2 places to go to for top quality and custom made kit are JayJays in Brecon and troopers in colchester. Troopers don't have a website but there are contact details and photos of their stuff on ARRSE.

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