Sourcing my own beret.....

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by mixiblob, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Silly question I know but as stores in my unit don't have any 'Tefal head' sized beret's in stock, can I buy my own from a civvy supplier? I've seen one that's identical apart from having two ventilation holes- standard MOD issue don't have these. Apart from that it's identical. Any idea's?
  2. Hmmm ok, but I'm not asking for links- I'm asking if it's ok to source my own kit?
  3. Sucks teeth and tuts!!! wanna be an individual do you eh eh?

    I can't see an issue unless you have some ninja **** boss.

    A green hats a green hat, just get the right green and shape it well
  4. Had the same prob with the peaked cap large brain large head.

    Only one in Phase One with a blue beret it was six months later down at Eastney when I was finally issued a peak cap.

    Had the same prob when I took up horse riding no cap no can ride. The stables owner came out with a metal water bucket!!!
  5. I have an own purchase beret, haven't ever seen a JR with one, def with officer's and SRs
  6. No, not really, it would just be nice to have a beret that makes me look like a bona fide NE and not a refugee from Dads Army :oops:
  7. I am that refugee from Dad's Army. My beret was my army CCF one with an embroidered badge that covers up the single badge hole that used to have a Woofers star in it. Kangol, 1954 and a leather band. Of course its alright to source your own kit. Indeed as an officer it is expected for certain items. Just make sure it looks right.

    PS. Dads Army wore forage caps. Or "chip bags" as the crabs call them now.
  8. I used to wear my own beret in both the ROC & RNXS as the issue ones were too tight. I went to Moss Bros at Covent Garden and they found one that looked smart pusser (with, er, the vent holes) and steamed it to fit. I got complimented on its smart appearance in the ROC on Parade - little did they know.... :biggrin: I got Moss Bros to make the holes to fit my cap badge too... so obliging! :)

    That said, you regular forces types might not be able to get away with de-pussering (personalising) your kit.

    PS: Mixiblob.... try shaking three sixes. If you suceed first time dismount your subordinate counter (monoblob) and buy yourself a nice comfy beret from Moss Bros or Gieves.
  9. Damn! Tried it, didn't suceed first time. Hmmm, might have to cheat....

    Cheers for the advice chaps. Will have to book an appointment with my tailor...

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