Sounds like a good run..............


War Hero
Allow me to buck the trend for hero worshipping this throbber. Perhaps Ramsay’s sentence was light because his wife had left him. Perhaps he thought he could woo her back by becoming ‘famous’.

I’ve been totally elephant’s trunk and been in the brown and smelly as a result. I was a daft young sprog in civvies, among messmates, not a 39 year old Senior Rate, in uniform among strategic friends and allies.

Not big, not clever. Were it up to me he’d be returning to Faslane as an AB.
it wasn't his fault, he had crap going on in his life, and someone put on a free bar, the outcome was the train wreck waiting to happen actual crashed and burned, or he could have shown some control and not been sexist or racist, yanks are fair game
lucky to keep his rate, hopefully hidden, will be loss of any points for his buttons, there is a time and place to be an OD, that was not it.

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