SoS for Defence - stay or go?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by spider_monkey, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. Yes - he should stay

  2. No - he should go

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  1. This one popped up on the TV this morning

    As the SoS for Defence you've got to expect your fair share of the brown stuff and the current MP in the hot seat is no exception. He's been in the job for a while now and the tempo of military operations during his tenure has been high to say the least, but should he walk before he's assigned another high profile position in the new government when Mr Charisma takes over at No10?

    No doubt he'll answer all the prickly questions without too much difficulty during the forthcoming week, but does he have your confidence to stay in the job?

    There aren’t many forums where serving and ex members of the military can express their views so lets see what the mood is out there (civilians welcome too :lol: )
  2. According to the email from the government regarding the petition asking for a sacking, there isn't going to be any enquiry.
    I suppose this one will be well and truly swept under the carpet.
    Dont suppose Browne will match whatever the wren got for her story for the loved ones of the victims flown in from Iraq last week who couldnt turn mercinary and sell their stories.
    geoff(ers) :?
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I think the guy is a dick but, who will replace him? beckett...she's managed to fcuk up every farmer in the country with her disasterous time at defra..and get the country a 50 million EU fine because of it...Prescott..he's done a bit of sea time as a steward and can throw his dick and a punch around...Darling?...who ever the new SoS will be he will not be fit for purpose.

    I can't see browne resigning or being sacked...he should be...but it's not the labour way, not as he's a Jock and a Gordon man with the scottish elections the shite roll down hill onto someone further down the food chain.
  4. I think he should be made to stay and put things right, starting with a clear out at flag level. We need people with backbone at that level.
  5. We do. But it's not often that they arrive!

  6. And that's the issue in a nutshell
  7. Its not, is it.
    Maybe they spend too much time with politicians, and not enough time "keeping their hands in" doing un-announced visits to ships and shore establishments, concentrating on the lower level (I mean LtCdr and below for Officers) and Ratings. Just a thought, I can't see it ever happening.
  8. Better the cnut you know than the cnut you don't. And make no mistake about it, whoever replaces him will be just as big a cnut as the last dozen we've had.
  9. I don't see Des jumping, and I don't see any one pushing him unless some thing crawls out of the woodwork that really drops him in it. I suppose the reql question is gdoes any one in the MOD have that evidence, and have they the guts to use it
  10. At least Mr. Browne had the guts to accept full reponsibility. I hope he stays. I am no real fan of this government but we cannot continue to play musical chairs with high Mininsterial Officers of State. I would like to see a couple of Admirals sacked, with one losing his automatic knighthood.
    The Navy has always had a great surplus of these gentlemen.
    I also think too much emphesis has been put on the 15 regarding the media (who,why and what caused them to be taken captive in the first place.)

    "Been out 20 Years"
  11. Browne is just another lame duck in the gaggle of idiots that spout rubbish!! and completely incompetant.
  12. The last decent mp I knew was David Clarke, he stood beside me at football matches when he was shadow defence minister.
    He told me he was visiting Invincible & asked who was best to speak to, I told me do a walkabout on your own visit the Jr Rates messes & have a meal with them - under no circumstances go with an officer/snr rate.

    When he came back he told me he had 2 different versions of how the ship was being run, the one they wanted him to hear & the lads version.
    Sadly he was moved from defence when labour got in.
  13. I would suggest that Des has been very circumspect about what he accepts respnsibility for, and has avoided any statement about why the descision to allow them to speak to the media with or without cash was made.

    I think we all know why they were captured in the first place, the general lack of investment in lour defence capability over the past 10 or so years, but will any one in the present government actually own up to that one and say the buck stops here.
  14. Browne should go....and so should Band.
  15. "Full support" like he gave Blunkett (twice), Mandelson (twice), Byers.....
  16. Dont forget, they have to serve time in the waste lands before they can comeback to the 'How to fcuk it up and survive' bench.
  17. In reality the window for sacking him is small, he really needs to go ASAP so that he is 'cleansed' by the time Gordy becomes prime minister, as if as expected Tone hands his letter in after the Scots election then he has to go before then. But sacking a very senior cabinet minister just before the Scots elections may make them even worse, especially as Vain Tone seems already to think he is the most important factor in those elections.
  18. It really doesn't matter. The Navy made the decision that the Navy made, without reference to anyone but the Navy, or words to that effect. Oh yes, I did agree to it but was very uncomfortable, so I changed my mind after the 2 likely to say the most damaging things had already sold their tales and stopped the rest before they had a chance (that must amount to a restraint of trade??)

    1 & 2 have not emerged covered in glory, though.
  19. Just a wee thought Sack the bloody lot and start again?

    And this time why not make it a standing order that the Minister of Defence MUST have done some time actually in defence - either as a serving member or close support (even an ex dockyard matey would know something about it, unlike the muppets who seem to get the job - to be fair the Tories are not AS bad but....

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