Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Ja5on, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. I have looked but I can't find it

    there was a thread on how to form your beret somewhere but I can't find it now can this thread be made into a sticky please when someone finds it again
  2. Thanks thats helpful but there was one on this forum as well I just can't find it
  3. Had to find it via Google myself -

    Good instructions - used them myself last year when I realised I was going to have to be wearing a beret alongside booties for a while.

    Incidentally - I was told that RM green berets are a thinner material than the RN blue ones, hence why they are easier to shape.
  4. i always thought they printed destructions on the liner
  5. Why would you want to ask how to do this on an internet forum? Surely you have contact with some one who can show you how to do it? Other wise you may just make a complete horlicks of it and have to replace it at your own expense.
  6. Surely getting a beret 'right' is a pongo/bootneck thing? I can't really remember anyone giving a flying one about it during my time.
  7. AND I thought that if you had the right to wear one you should know as you should be in the forces, OR you are a cadet and the guys at your cadets should be team players to help you out..... unless you just want one for the fun of it?
  8. I always cred how my beret looked .Still do with my association one :D
  9. I could ask people in my unit but there isn't much point judging by the state of their berets. I have done it myself now I put in in boiling water once and then cold water shaped it on my head and it looks fine.

    I wanted to find all the methods so I could pick the best one (there is more than one way to skin a cat) the instructions on the beret only make it look like a helecopter landing pad.

    I agree though that the beret seems to be quite thick in material on top and it took a while to get it to look how it should. It took even longer to dry about two days in total. cheers for your help guys

    Can we make that link parttimer kindly found a sticky in the newbie section please

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