sorry to post this but can't find the information any were

Hey sorry to post this but can't find the information anywere. I'm interested in joining the armed forces but am going to have laser eye surgery first am shortsighted -5 diopters. I have found the navy policy about laser eye surgery on here, but I can't find the armys policy, I'd like to have this aswel as I'm unsure if its the army or navy I will serve Hopefully I'l decide in the 12month defferal period. So want to make sure the surgery I have leaves me open to both the army and the navy.
Do any of the careers advisers on here or any one no the armys up to date policy on laser eye surgery, is it the same as the navys. I have tried on the armys forum ( arrse ) to find this information but to no luck I have also searched google. Thanks if any one can be of any assistance.

I could quote various sources like Hansard with regard to the situation re Laser Surgery and the Armed Forces' Eyesight Requirements but I honestly think that you need something more personal than that.

The Army has an Army Careers Advisors Online service - you can speak to them online after midday on any weekday - and I would suggest that you do that tomorrow. Much better to get them to state in writing what their view is on this. Here is the link:

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I also thought that tri-service medical standards were in operation (if you pardon the pun) so what goes for the army goes for the navy and RAF as well, as outlined in JSP346.

If you go to the recruitment bit of arrse again click on the joining up essential links option, click on medical info on recruiting -JSP 346 and then choose eye disorders.

I think this mentions about corrective surgery but I'm not sure if this is the surgery you mean but hopefully it will help


JSP 346 will say no.

The simple answer is that it is trade-dependent, and case-by-case.

If you're getting lasered, I'd recommend speaking to an ophthalmology consultant (ask GP for referral). The companies which advertise have variable results, which they are not obliged to disclose. If you're not spending about £1500-2000 per eye then you're not spending enough.

Also be advised that in your 30s your eyes will naturally deteriorate, no matter how much you spend on them.

You will find lots of people who wax lyrical about how great laser surgery is. I wear glasses and have looked into it several times. On discussion with ophthalmology colleagues, I've always decided against it. The risk of losing night vision is small-ish, but still more than I like for what is essentially a cosmetic procedure.

I've never met an ophthalmologist or optician who has had laser eye surgery. Sort of says it all.

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