sorry to bore you ......


Lantern Swinger
i was having a thought (whilst drinking heroin and punching old people according to sgt pepperpot)

that rather slagging each other off on other peoples posts we should have it out on this post ???

he obviously doesnt like me but id be quite happy to shit on him from a great height if the time comes...

let us know
Toejam, I don't know if you're in the RN yet, but what Sgt is doing is good old fashioned RN banter/humour.

He doesn't mean anything malicious and you're supposed to just dish it out back at him.

I was the same as you on this site when I first came on.

I'd moan and ask why is everyone picking on me. It's only until I was observant with other posts and the way they all joke around with each other that I learnt about it.



Lantern Swinger
wet_blobby said:
Hey Toejo, will your back be up for it? I hear SPB gives a great bearhug.
My back is fine as i keep saying :sleepy1:

Why does sgtp have a good bearhug? is he a bear ? that would explain why hes a grumpy f*ucker

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