Sorry, I've been abusing Naval War Hero by....


War Hero
I seek forgiveness for abusing a war vet/hero by not believing his story of being a Combined Ops Special Forces Killer

From his PM

"...........I didn't give my full number I put a * inplace of the first letter. Need to know basis, remember that.
Ban me if you want......I started RN, then because of a pig who didn't like me got sent on the NGS course, someone looked at my records, 'asked' me if I would like to do the RM Siper School (calling THAT a school is an oxymoron at major levels)...then my gramps Cmdr Engineering Arctic Convoys-Rosyth/Murmansk grassed me up to the Admiralty/MOD as having a degee, so off I went to Dartmouth, flew it as I'd learned the rank levels from BEING ONE YOU ARSE.
Its not a normal story, but these things do happen, and my gramps was teaching me;
1. the be a bloody good mechanic when I was young
2. very sneakily how to be a GOOD officer, just telling stories of his own life, including the bit out during the depression when he was an engineer in African gold mines.
Given a whip with a steel cable he thru it down the mine. Said he didn't need it.
So don't insult me again give me YOUR name and Number pongo.....rank meant very little in Combined leave, the axe drops and Need to Know comes into full effect.
Last meeting/dinner we had [those left after Pebble Island, Down South 30yrs before Yeah I know 2+yrs more now] we decided never to meet again as too many had topped themselves than had gone in combat.
I have another funeral of 'mine' next week......if you are near Plympton, Devon; I'll send you date time and place and full coordinates.
Please be in full dress uniform if you wish to attend. I buriued my mother two weeks ago so mine, excluding gongs as I find them too much. As all else will be, Comb Ops, SBS, RM & Navy.
But anyone of any rank and unit will be welcome, who're much younger than me, but one of my follow ons may have either paved the way or saved your a**s sometime.
But you would never have known. Believe it or not......there are parts of the military that you don't know about and I don't know about.
But I met one at the Funeral Directors for my mother, clean as hell shoes, couple of words and turns out he was Army Intel Advanced Reconn, neither of our units appear on any official history of Pebble Island/Beach.
So as I said, no more insults please, its hard enough to work out where we really fit, trained with 2nd Para, RM, SBS end up in Combinded Ops (started as a sparker, Ganges, Mercury then the cushhhhhiest, Culdrose 'HMS Seahawk', with 36 WRNS, poor funking me, then blah blah don't NEED to know.
Do as you will........but don't insult me with telling me I didn't exist you Charlie Sierra........myabe above your paygrade or Security Clearance to did deeper.
I resigned because I got to enjoy it too much...does that focus on you? That mad as a box of monkeys firefight where at points you are laughing your ass off with your closest mates?
I'll give it a go, do I have to be dressed as a tree or just not turn up but say I was there in stealth mode as he didn't need to know?


War Hero
It's on ARRSE, it is that fruitbat from the Falklands Pictures thread.

He really didn't like me culling his posts nor calling him out on his naval past.

He did post his service number "As I started RN its *156133C". But it is alright he left off the first letter.

But he did go to BRNC so it could be either a D or a C number. Bear in mind the C numbers were all C0. So D it is.

Anyone remember what year of entry a D156 number would be.


War Hero
He keeps on digging
Well done Pusser......thats where I started with a D1ending in C.....tell me where the other C was added?
As for your info on Combined Ops, there were Canadian and some South African, before my time, my fathers time.
The emblem [if you know what it is] now is used by so many units, Septics especially have 'borrowed it'......
As for ATOMIC Deep Cleared has to be Sub Jack lingo old chap, as I've never heard of it.
You deride Combined Operations as if it were the Mercier Reg............I think you know very little of it. Apart from how it is NOW!
Abslolutely nothing like how it was in the 70's & 80's..........nowadays its more a COiCOMMCEN unit out at, Polish War Memorial, connected to GCHQ.
Not the combat units that used to be......SBS have a higher visibility than Comb Ops, even if they still exist as [hate the phrase] black ops, wet work, slice & dice unit we'll never know.
But don't believe everything you read, if, as you claim you have tremendous connections in intel/info.....tell me my date of leaving, HMS (Sea) and HMS (Land) I left from..............because I can tell you its just how its meant to be. Not by me.
And just out of interest, why is an RN whatever a moderator on a an Army sight?
Because I didn't get any sh*t on this site until I mentioned I started as RN.
So really, talk to someone you know who was in it mid 70's to mid 80's.......and apart from telling you where to insert your head, or remove from same orrofice......but I guess you don't know any of us........did you ever see action? Or do you get off on this instead of?
Uniform will be dinner dress, don't know if Army have miniatures, but I would expect so, that's why it'll be Dinner Dress, black damned bow tie, and definately swords. Fairbairn Sykes allowed for all entitled.
I'm not looking for a war of words.....thanks to 3 others from Down South one or eight pints every couple of weeks has done more rhan Camden Vet Admin....I gave up with them. But chatting with them has more effect, than any non-mil psych will ever have.
Have a good evening Blunderbuss


War Hero
Despite all the evidence against him he still thinks he can hold his story. Maybe he really does believe it.


Lantern Swinger
Now, I'm no expert on uniforms but.....

Can anyone Photoshop Dinner Jacket and/or Mess Kit with swords and medals? It does not seem to appear in the current manual.


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