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Sorry Guys : (

:( I'm sorry to have to tell you...

...I won't be on here much in the next few weeks now as I'LL BE TRAINING FOR MY MEDICAL AND FITNESS TEST!

I PASSED!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


War Hero
Good man Credders, Now start chassing thoase sheep, that will keep you fit (as long as you don't catch any pretty ones)
slim said:
Good man Credders, Now start chassing thoase sheep, that will keep you fit (as long as you don't catch any pretty ones)

lol Oh I don't know, endless sessions with the wooly kind can be a good cardio workout! :wink:

Cheers Slim

Thanks TattooDog mate!

I nearly didn't pass!

His words were "I'm going to take a chance on you!" and then proceeded to bollock me over my low self esteem, poor confidence and he said I need to get socializing more, need to join a sports club, etc

He said he can't understand how I have so much self doubt and he said I'm perfectly capable and my tests results show that and he said then that I scored exceptionally well so I need to stop doubting myself!

But he did reiterate on how you're going to have a terrible time on a Submarine if you don't learn to chill out and mingle! He said it's so close-knit on a Submarine that the skipper knows you by your first name and addresses you as such!

He said what sold me was my knowledge I'd gained on the Submarines and he kept on about how my knowledge on the Submarine escape training impressed him! - I don't really know why that particular part of Submarine knowledge impressed him, but he was pleased that I knew about it!

No point going on now and again, everyone's told me to relax, chill out, have a few cans but not me!!! I'll be in bed early tonight, up in the morning to a big bowl of porridge and off I go on a 2 miler to start off with! :D

It may be too early for this... but I would like to thank you guys for all your helpful support and advice!
golden_rivet said:
Dear Credders - not exactly sure what this will involve but WELL DONE mate !!!!!!!!

Cheers mate.

Not sure what, what will involve? The fitness test?

I know the medical, you do sit-ups and the fitness test you just do a 1.5 Mile Run!


Lantern Swinger
WELL DONE I told you, youd be fine.

All the best and let us know how you get on.

Remember we're all here if you ever need any advice.


Well done "Credders" , all the very best , keep us informed of your progress , like your new Avatar . 8)
Congrats Credders! Keep up these standards and you'll be an Admiral of the Deep by the time you're 30!

PS: Doooo make sure the sheep you're chasing have been de-wormed first!
Thanks guys!

Gonna start some training now!


I was asked yesterday by the Officer after he interviewed me, do I want the medical on the 16th or 23rd!

I said 16th because as soon as possible is better. But then he told me about the medical and that I'd be doing press-ups.

So now I'm thinking 23rd would be better, but I'm booked for the 16th.

Do you think it would be wise to ask them can I do it on the 23rd instead and explain to them truthfully I would rather have the extra week so I can increase my press-ups?

How many do you have to do to pass the medical anyway?

I know it says 23-26 in Basic at the beginning and the medical should be slightly less, but just to confirm...

Thanks guys!

I'm getting a little excited now! :D
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