sorry guys , noob question

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrisj09, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. i rang my CA not so long ago and asked when im likely going to be joining turns out it wont be until next april so i was wondering could i join the RNR for that time?, if yes would i need to do rt test/medical all again?

    or would afco say no?

    the reason i ask on here is , i want to know an answere before i go down to afco, and waste my/there time.
  2. Chris, I showed you the thread I made on this.

  3. well i didnt see it :S
  4. Though your intentions are clearly well meant, I would imagine not. The RNR require a commitments the same as the regulars do, and I doubt being used as a stop-gap for such a short period would be acceptable.

    I could be wrong though - good luck.
  5. ah fair one , still no harm in asking eh
  6. I cant believe these waiting times to get into the RN,ferk me after my interview and test at the west end carreers office in London i was at ferkin Ganges after two months training to be a baby sailor, 8)
  7. You have to remember it's a shrinking fleet and rising unemployment, plus when you joined up it was all hands to the pumps 'cos the Boxer rebellion had just kicked off :wink:
  8. Don't give us that one Chris...we all know you were a "pressed man" :lol:

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