Sore Gash

I had to put back my AFCO aptitude test date because i had an operation last week and it ended up being bigger than it should've so i didn't think i'd be able to make the AFCO jaunt. Moved it back two months. If i did ok at the test, what happens then? Where/when does the fitness test come into it? Because i had an abdom op and i think swimming, running and sit ups are out of the question for quite some time. Any suggestions? Ta.
It will be better for you to explain to the AFCO waht exactly has happened they won't hold it against you and will probably advise you to get in touch when you are 100% fit.
Sorry to sound thick here! Must be the morphine! So pretty much, i can take my aptitude test in two months time (when i will be well, but certainly not fitness test fit), and then ask for the fitness test to be put back until i'm ready? Assuming i did well enough at the aptitude test, anyway. Thanks for your help.
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Shakey said:
When I read the post title, 'Sore Gash', I thought this thread would be about medical issues of a feminine nature.....
It was intentional to get people to read it :wink:
The post is pretty much about lady issues, but not quite that far south.

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