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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by noshmon, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Don't know if anyone uses it at work but if you do, and you're still getting the issue of the update Shh\Update-B false variable then I've written a script to fix it on any 32 or 64 bit Windows machines (servers included)

    Give me a shout if you want it. Been tested and works without a reboot.
  2. I've just looked that up, its Greek for " Sleep with your mums sister and you'll get a dose"
  3. My mum doesn't have a sister. Does that mean I'm safe?
  4. Perhaps the Mancunian slut is applying for the position.
    He tried to groom Sgt Pepper but got rejected.
    Who said regs were all bone?
  5. Just completed writing a fix for the boolean numbers variable, and the heuristic values which sorts out the DNS problem on SQL and TCP/IP quadrant-matrix servers running 10 megaflop SCSI/DDR/USB/Firewire HDD's mounted in RAID arrays. Finally blocked the wifes access to every on-line bingo site on the planet.
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  6. Wouldn't it jsut be easier to smack her fingers with a lump hammer?
  7. I of course could not possibly comment.
    Yep, I ain't got a fuckin clue what your on about so I could not possibly comment.
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  8. Thats why the organisation employs I.T. geeks!
  9. Basically a list of IT words. Didn't mean much to me and I support DNS, SQL, TCP/IP and RAID arrays

    Yup... That's what they're paying me for at the moment :(
  11. You're safe here mate. It's not Lils. The nasty people are scared to venture out this far
  12. In the words of the bard

    I care more for what I am, than where I am, and only digress to think on what I may become.
  13. Is that your polite way of saying "Nosh, you may be in the computers bit but you're still a c*nt"?
  14. I would say you just hit the proverbial nail.....:tongue4:
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  15. I thought after this thread I would be degraded to "Boring c*nt"
  16. Rummers ... what you been eating??? All this philosophy on a Friday afternoon is not good for my impending nap!
  17. G1 - Bottom Half.jpg
    You laugh, but that is actually one of our switch cabs. Nice tidy cabling...
  18. I told you he was a thespian

  19. That's a lie, I never touched her like that.

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