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Soothsayer cancellation


War Hero
Just picked up on ePolitix

Air Vice-Marshal Carl Dixon has admitted that a battlefield communications intelligence programme had been scrapped.

Giving evidence to the Commons defence committee, he said: "I can confirm that we have cancelled the Soothsayer programme."

This is what it should have been:-


Soothsayer is a £140 million plan to equip the Army and the Royal Marines the world's most advanced tactical electronic warfare equipment.

Soothsayer detects and identifies radio and radar signals used on the battlefield. It is fitted to high mobility light role and armoured vehicles.

Lockheed Martin Systems Integration will supply a range of new air portable equipment that will be used to support British military operations anywhere in the world.

The Deputy Chief Executive of the Defence Procurement Agency, David Gould said: “This announcement means that our specialist electronic warfare units will get the very best equipment available."

"The technology behind this world-leading equipment is British and has been developed using the Ministry of Defence's own in-house research programme by the UK scientific research company QinetiQ. We expect this advanced technology to be used in some of our other electronic warfare projects."

Soothsayer equipment entered service from 2006. Work on the project is expected to create or sustain about 115 jobs in five UK companies over the next decade.

Oh well no doubt more money down the drain in the military budget!!