Soon to be submariner looking for advice

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by SRT1, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. I start my basic training at the end of the summer and I was wondering how demanding the academic side of the training is (I'm going in as a medical assistant) compared to, for example, an A level or a BSc? I was also wondering when I could find out what class of submarine I'm going to be put on, the Astutes look a lot sweeter than the others.

    Thank you.
  2. You can put in for a boat by class or even name, but the ultimate choice isn't yours. It depends on where they need crew

    Have you looked at what an MA does on boats? he doesnt just do elastoplast and aspirin, there is the nuclear physics side of things as well.
  3. I have no idea regarding the academic requirements these days, but as an old Diesel Dinosaur, I just wanted to wish you good luck with your career in boats. You are joining "the Brotherhood" - welcome!
  4. Not sure what academic standard is but reasonably high which is why you need a relatively high RT score, maybe Angrydoc can help on that score. I wouldn't worry about what class of boat just yet, you'll be in training for over 2 years and if you don't get the class of boat you want first time round don't worry about it, just ask for your first choice again next time round (and welcome to boats)
  5. Thank you for the kind welcomes and the helpful advice.

    Wrecker, I know about the health and safety side of the job and I was curious as to whether I'd be trained as just a monkey that does assays and compares the results to a chart or if I'd be learning the theory behind it. It would be quite nice if I actually got to do some wet chemistry but my cynical side tells me that they're more likely to mainly have me pointing probes at things and using dry reagent test strips because of cost and there being less chance of operator error.
  6. You'll be the on watch MA at sea doing the primary samples so there's plenty of "wet" work as well as atmosphere sampling and chart work etc as well as sewing chef's fingers back on etc. When your doing primary sampling (a sample of water from the reactor taken daily) you don't want to get wet, believe me, but there again you'll know what to do because your the on watch Health Physic's expert :lol:
  7. Sounds excellent, thanks.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'll second that :lol:
  9. I joined the Courageous in Guz in '74 as a baby stoker.

    First week I fell down the main machinery hatch and wacked me knee,

    it swole up something awesome,so I hobbled up to the sickbay and walked

    in the door,sat down and waited my turn.Eventually the Scab Lifter said

    "what can I do you for"? I said "I've hurt my knee",he started laughing,

    I said "it ain't that funny" he said "yes it is, this is the dirty dick shop".

    Then he took me round to the main entrance.

    I gave them a fair bit of trade after that.
  10. Hi SRT1,

    I hope that others can provide specifically erudite answers, so my wee input is merely to welcome you to the dirty,nasty,smelly,back-biting,unkempt,ill-disciplined,bunch of the finest men you will ever meet this side of the other side.

    During training, and as a Part 3 trainee aboard your first S/M, you will be encounter some reserve and suspicion (ie Can he hack it?)
    But, once through those early hoops you will have proved your weight in gold and STILL be treated as Sh!t and you will love/hate that special life as a non-skimmer.

    Lob-lolly boys are perhaps the smallest sub-branch in boats; but I know of at least two who joined as SBA/MA/Med Tech & left with Scrambled egg on their caps.

    Bob L

    PS 'Sweeter' ??? FFS Forget that word - Just think S/M Sweater and DONT swallow your Dolphins to try to get out, it has been tried already....

    PPS See my user name and remember it well at RNSETT............
  11. But they don't do the SETT anymore !!! Bloody part timers!!
  12. In the Duty MAs watchbill you will be in one of the best watchbills around ;)

    you will get loads of time off alongside and will want to serve at least 22 years!! :D :D :D
  13. What! they don't do the tank!!!

    Are they left be'ind to shut the bloody 'atch or sumfin.

    Best bits when you do the tank for the second time and you act all dead nonch in front of the sprogs.
  14. Don't worry about what boat you'll get, although you're probably more than likely to get stuck on V's. Can't see them sticking a newly qualified MA straight on an A boat, but I could be wrong.

    Just concentrate on your MA training and take away as much as you can from it. Why do you want Astute anyway? To be honest it doesn't really matter what boat you get, you'll still be doing the same job regardless and we're all going up North eventually anyway.
  15. I wouldnt bother with ASTUTE.... you will never get to sea...... trust me....... I should know

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