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Soon to be an AET!



Just had my date for basic training so am soon to be one of you lot! So feel free to let me know what I'm letting myself in for. Any funny stories or advice about your basic training and phase two at Sultan or other training establishments would make a good read. Get you all remanising on days gone by.
It looks like every one on here went to the dreaded "G" Place for there basic training,so the less said the better !!

On another note I was told that your training down at Sultan completes and then you are sent down to Culdrose to complete it,so not a lot of sea time for you for a good long while then !


War Hero
I had to rough it in Sultan for a few weeks while the new Medical Branch Staff Quarters were being finishe off.Not a pleasant time,so smelly stokers are,plus the Gate staff had no sense of humour at all.Orrible place,might be noce for Stokers though.
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