Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by EyeEyeSailor, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Applied June '09

    Do all my bits and bobs.

    Had RNAC June '10.

    Phase ones on hold until May '11?

    Soo. When do you reckon ill get a start date?

    This gives me even more time to prepare though, not like i need it(not being cocky, ive just had enough training for training. I just want to get on with it)
  2. After March, possibly.
  3. What branch have you applied for?
  4. Well, I can safely assure you that if accepted, you would be in the Navy well before the day that Dr Richard Dawkins converts to christianity :D

    Seriously though, ask your careers advisor and find something constructive to do in the meantime. Build a shed.

    But as JJ says, since the hold on P1 seems to be until'l maybe be after march :)
  5. Thought it was until May '11? :s

    And ET(ME)
  6. I was just going from the post by Ninja_Stoker elsewhere. But May is after March :p
  7. thought phase one was cancelled till may?
  8. No its cancelled forever mate.
  9. ive got my RNAC on the 4-10-10....

    Had a call today arranging an interview for the week after, for any updates....

    Have you had this interview? Involving??

    Does this mean I am getting closer?

    RT - 09-09
    Medical - 10-09
    PJFT - 11-09
    Final interview - 12-09
    RNAC - 04-11-10
    Interview - 11-10-09
  10. No, it could mean you are further away, and you are being loaded on the RNAC to keep your interest up.
  11. Normally its because its been a while since you applied so the AFCO check to make sure eveything is still A-OK. My update interview consisted of the AFCO sending out a form with about 5 questions on it, me filling in and sending the form back and then ringing them a couple of days later to make sure everything was ok and that was that.

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