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This is my first post on here so apologies if this has been posted before. My son is applying as an Aircrewman And had his medical nearly 6 weeks ago. The RAF had cleared his bloods and ECG and had forwarded them to the Navy. They have had his results for a while now and no contact from the Navy and his AFCO couldn't do much about it. Is there a long wait time for these medicals to come back ?


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Aircrew medicals are finally approved by the Consultant Advisor in Aviation Medicine to the RN. This is possibly where the delay is, but to be honest 6 weeks is not a long period, and it may easily double. An answer on final fitness is more likely to arrive quicker when your son is given an entry date.

On another note, the AFCO staff should be able to contact the office of the specialist via a set routine that was set up in the Autumn of last year.

Good luck

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