Sonic Deterrent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. More the scrope crapping on our parade. There was an almost intelligent debate on this on the radio in SCotland on Friday and the team the Beeb dragged up for the antis really made the point for the pros because they didn't listento the argument but just banged their own drum without realising they had the wrong drum.

    One interesting point is that some lads in Glasgow are now doing dares to see how long they can stand the noise.
  2. Perhaps turn it around a little bit and ask why it might be acceptable to use a device which implies a presumption of guilt, based on ones hearing range.

    I'd generalise the point about the direction of our current culture which deems it acceptable for the private and public sector to intrude on the individual. Given the fairly crude nature of the device why should it be acceptable for the owner of a shop essentially deny access to a segment of a public thoroughfare by using this over a doorway?

    Of course I'm ignoring the argument that's essentially it's ok for the state and the private sector to indiscriminately intrude on other peoples lives...
  3. Anyone who agrees with the human rights of chav scum has either 'never' experienced any of their behaviour or are a chav themselves.
  4. Which is just another way of putting my last sentence, human rights are for me, not them...

    Although I didn't put any of my previous in human rights terms, I find it's a weak prosition to discuss from and I don't inherently believe that humans have any rights whatsoever anyway, except the right to make the best of what they've got available to them.

    Indeed, I think that this is an appropriate webcomic for the day... :D
  5. Interestingly the man who makes and sells the devices recomends that they are only switched on when the chavs etc are actually breaching others human rights by hassling people outside the owners shop, he does not recommend having them on all the time, afterall the chav pound in the till is as good as any one elses. This debate is not as the do gooders suggest about the chavs right to free assembly, rather it is about the right of the rest of us to go about our daily life with out let or hinderance and without abuse. It was also interesting to hear the guy who makes them say he has not sold the rights to a big chinese company because he is trying to control the way they are used and who actually gets them and he wants regulation on where they can be installed and how they are used.
  6. BBC producers are adept at getting the 'right' people involved in a debate, and by 'right', I mean those they can rely upon to say something contentious.

    A journalist I know very well once said that they wouyld never interview me, as I wouldn't say what they wanted me to!
  7. If a society has 'problem' children then there is only one place for it to look for a solution.
    In the mirror and ensure that every details is taken in.
  8. I don't know the term "scrope". My understanding is that this tone only becomes irritating after about 15 minutes, so the individual's human rights are hardly infringed. The idea is to discourage the assembly of bored youth in areas of public right of way and I don't have a problem with that. Nor do I believe that there is a ready method of dealing with the problem that would achieve this aim more fairly.
  9. I, also, do not know the term "scrope".

    Having heard a reproduction (for vintage ears) of the sound, I think you may mean "after about 15 seconds", or even "after about 1.5 seconds".

    A better way to discourage youths from congregating in areas where they are not wanted would be to play Jazz music over a loudspeaker. This is not age-related discrimination, as nearly everybody hates Trad, even some of those who claim to like it, and it is based on a tried and tested method used by fashion boutiques to keep oldies out by playing deafening D&B or what passes for modern R&B.
  10. A scrope is a badly spelt scrote, never was that good a spelling.
  11. Also, what effect are these devices having on the wildlife? The poor bats must think they've had bags put over their heads. It must also be very distressing to dogs with their particularly sensitive ears and we should not acoustically harass the Guide Dogs. What is this doing to public safety? We should be told.
  12. They should put one of these things on the quarter deck of ships, and turn it on after standeasy/lunch to "encourage" the youths onboard to turn to.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What?? They get 'Stand Easy' too? I thought it cost too much to re-train them again everyday at 1030... 8O
  14. I don't need no 'Mosquito'… we had a lot of trouble with the little 'yoofs' in the street outside my house until the night one of them met my wifes baseball bat across the chops. :threaten:

    Been quite as a graveyard ever since.

    "Violence never solved anything"?

    Works for me! :thumright:
  15. The inventor/manufacturer claims that they do not trouble animals and although bats were not mentioned, as they are only supposed to be switched on when there are actualy chavs etc causing a problem them there are unlikely to be that many bats around when there is a high level of human activity
  16. Think they are a wonderful idea! Pity they cant be coupled up with a jolt off a cattle prod just to help the chavs on their way if they have their i-pods jambed in their ears so cant hear the mossie! Sorry dont connect Chav and Human rights in the same sentence.

    Local yobs down here caught a young lad who was walking home (about 2 miles) after a pleasant evenings entertainment in the local night club .. said yobs jumped the guy who had partaken of a few sherbets - beat the poor kid sensless nicked his cash/shoes/phone and left him wandering about in the dark whereapon he stumbled into a ditch (storm drain) which was filled with water and nearly died of hypothermia.
  17. So let me get this right, chav scum will be driven off by sound, prevented from gathering - sounds good.....

    So me and my 3 yr old daughter down in the shopping centre, me blissfully aware, until she starts screaming, that these devices are being employed.....

    Not a pleasant thought really, are there going to be warning signs, which I am presuming will defeat the purpose, or, just maybe, far fetched I know, but maybe employ security, or god forbid, the police....

    So are human rights involved here - absolutely! My little girl has the right not to be subjected to sound designed to aggravate enough to move on a young adult (term used loosely), particularly when she has no way of knowing what is happening.

    Just my tuppence worth.
  18. Karma
    Perhaps if you were the owner/manager of one of these businesses you may see things from a different perspective. Young people hanging around shops are intimidating to many older potential customers (even if the youngsters do not wish to cause any problems).
  19. The police employed in actively preventing crime? Are you mad man!
    How on earth would that bump up the statistics... :wink:

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