Songs for the Bride & Groom


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This was done on PPRUNE not to long bacl I think but I wanted to see what the Matelot response would be. What is the best/funniest/worst song you have heard for a bride and groom at the reception.
I will kick of by saying mine was the Theme from M*A*S*H for those who dont know it is subtitles "Suicide is Painless". For some reason I cant quite work out she was not best pleased with it :? A few of the guys from the Squadron who were there thought it was funny


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Traditional Submariners Wedding Telegram

Report Position, Depth and Speed at Midnight

I wonder how many got read out?


A classic from Cyril Tawney

I've just come away from the wedding,
Oh Lord I laughed till I cried.
I'll never forget the relations I met,
When I married my Jenny Wren Bride.

Cho; Married, married, I married my Jenny Wren Bri---iiide,
Married, married, I married my Jenny Wren bride.

Her father he works in the dockyard,
Her brother owns a Chandlers Store.
And as for their habits, well talk about rabbits,
They've got half the dockyard ashore.


I asked her old man for dowery,
He gave me can of soft soap.
A bundle of waste and some polishing paste,
And Fifty-six fathoms of rope.


The present we got from her brother,
Was twenty-four yards of blue jean.
Her cousin the crusher, he sent us note paper,
Six packets of service latrine.


Her family hung flags in the Churchyard,
And they painted the hallway with flatting.
When out stepped the bride they all piped aside,
And she slipped on the coconut matting.


Her wedding dress, lashed up with spunyarn,
Was made from an old whaler's sail.
On top of her head a discloth was spread,
With a spudnet in front for a veil.


her petticoat was made out of hessian,
Her knickers were made of green baize.
While for her suspenders she'd a motor-boat's fenders,
And two pussers gaiters for stays.


Now most of the Church congregation,
Was made up of Wrens on the dole.
While in the back pew sat the Guz field gun crew,
And half of the standing patrol.


The parson got up in the pulpit,
He said "Who gives this woman away?"
Then a bloke from the Hood shouted: "Blimey I could,
But let every dog have his day!"


Well now, I'm just off on me Honeymoon,
I don't know what happens tonight.
But I've spoke to a few who declare that they do,
And they swear she's a bit of all right.


Sung to the tune of My Bonny lies over the Ocean