Song that p!ss you off.... ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. You know the ones.. real annoying .. as soon as you hear them you cant stand them..

    at the moment for me I cant stand " same jeans " or " nu shoes " ... both totally drive me figgn crazy.. like listening to a fork being scrapped ona saucepan !!!!
  2. Agadoo..........
  3. Anything thats classed as 'RAP' - in my opinion its missing a word from the front - C

    Agree with AGADOO but then all Black Lace music, Mr Blobby, Spitting Image and so many more.......
  4. 'Our ' Eurovision entry.....
  5. All that Ibizza shite , boom boom boom , so fxxxxxxxxxg loud & repetitive , does my head in , absolute shite ,
  6. Anything played at full volume/bass in a Clio/Corsa full of Chavs.
  7. 'The Red Flag' .... :neutral:

  8. Ditto :evil:
  9. 'Two Little Boys' by Rolf Harris.

    A pointless sentimental and trivialisation of warfare. :evil:
  10. anything by Culture Club, but particularly that appalling "War Song".
    How can you be this crap and still be famous?

  11. Anything by Shaking Stevens , [only joking "Shakey"] , could'nt resist it , sorry ,
  12. Do you mean that one by The View? They stayed at this hotel my bird runs recently, one of them put the duvet in the bath and turned the taps on and then walked out.

    So now they've got a bill for £000's for damages 'cos of the flooding.

    Rock 'n' Roll, eh kids?
  13. Don't knock the Shakemeister, he was the biggest selling singles artist in th UK charts in the 80's. Beat Madonna and Michael Jackson.

    But don't start me on Cat Stevens.

  14. I did like him "Shakey" , I still listen to "Smokey" , classics ,
  15. Leonard bleedin' Cohen!

    They should play his stuff on Samaritans Chat Lines...
  16. Whats wrong with Cat Stevens?

    I hate anything that has come from X factor, fame acamemy etc... and any fcuking cover versions by westshite!
  17. That fucking crazy frog twat!!
  18. He's boring and smells of Islam.

    And jazz as well, I hate that shit.

    And Country & Western.

    And Adult Oriented Rock, shit like Bon Jovi.

  19. What, Sacha Distel .... ??
  20. Oh yeah, I forgot Jazz, pretentious crap! The worst thing about jazz is that you have to be good to play it, so you get really good then start playing that shite.

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