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Discussion in 'History' started by polariod, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help me please, I'am looking for the lyrics of the Matelots song that includes the words:-

    Shes got a face like a messdeck scrubber
    Eyes like a Dogger Bank cod

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Thanks JG it was there but just the same two lines. Some other goodies though.

  3. If memory serves me right, is it not from " Where do you go to my lovely" .... when you're alone in your pit ?
  5. There is a thread on RR somewhere listing songs, if anyone can remember where it is.
  6. Try Shep Wooley's website - he's bound to know the words to them all....!!

  7. Thanks for your reply and help Geoff, Had a wee nosey as you suggested but the song is not there. Think I'll write my own version.

  8. The next line was: "She's got a mouth like an empty bucket." I'm sorry but that is all I can remember.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I found the following in a book called 'Stoker Greenwood's Navy' but DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO WROTE IT? I don't think he did.

    ‘West Indian Cruise’

    Drinking for the Empire, boozing for the Raj,
    Sozzling for the honour of the Flag,
    After quarts of Planters Punch, and a very special lunch,
    No wonder that our knees begin to sag
    But we stagger back at Sunset to put on our Mess Undress,
    And bloody but unbowed go racing back,
    To have a little snorter, with the Governor’s lovely daughter,
    For the honour of the dear old Union Jack.

    Drinking for the Empire, boozing for the Crown,
    Sozzling for the good old Union Jack,
    We never make a fuss, ‘cause they’re all alike to us,
    Whether white, or nearly white, or merely black,
    They come aboard in thousands every time we enter port,
    No wonder that our wine bills are so large,
    From shoving tots of Coatses, down a thousand thirsty throatses,
    For the prestige of the glorious British Raj.

    Drinking for the Empire, sozzling for the Flag,
    Boozing for Britannia Rules the Waves,
    We display the well known verve, of the Fleet in Which we Serve,
    And show them how an Englishman behaves.
    Though the party may be bloody, we keep stiff the upper lip,
    And never let the locals get us down,
    Crying Dulce et Decorum, we must drain another jorum,
    To the never dying credit of the Crown.

    Drinking for the Empire, boozing for the Queen,
    Sozzling for the country of the free,
    When the Social Sec. compels, we all land at seven bells,
    For cocktails, bridge and dancing with H.E.,
    Though the body’s feeling jaded, and the tongue is somewhat furred,
    And a peaceful night aboard would he just grand,
    Our weary limbs we gird on, assume the white man’s burden,
    For the honour of the dear old Motherland.

    Drinking for the Empire, boozing for the Flag,
    Soaking for the balance of World Power,
    They are many we are few, but we know what each must do,
    And men shall say ‘This was their finest hour’,
    We will sozzle in the ballroom, and sozzle on the beach,
    We will sozzle on the hillside, we will sozzle on the street,
    But we never will surrender, being guardians of the splendour,
    Of a Nation that has never known defeat.
  10. How I love her How I love her How I love my mother in-law
  11. Sorry Seaweed! Can't help you with the author, but what a bloody marvellous poem. A bit reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling, with a bit of Noel Coward thrown in. Obviously originated from the wardroom. (What those poor occifers had to put up with on the Windies station). Also, from the Churchillian content of the last verse, must be post WW2, but that covers a lot of commissions. Lurking in the back of my mind is a tune which I can't, at the moment, bring forward, but it will come in due course, and when it does I'll post again.

    Best wishes,

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