Son interested in joining


Lantern Swinger
Hi Folks,

I served, many moons ago, when ships were made of wood etc, I got to see loads of places.

I have a son who might be interested in joining up but believes the Navy now consists of about 4 ships that go nowhere.

Is there much visiting of foreign parts these days?

Do we still get to meet interesting people and catch embarassing exotic diseases?


I suspect it depends what he joins up to do.

I spoke to a lot of warfare officers over the past few days and each of them had plenty of stories to tell about the places they'd been to. Logistics officers might only do 3 sea drafts though. Get him to an ACLO before he changes his mind! Quick! :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
There's less seeing of places and more drinking at delightfully competetive prices, as Blapto discovered at the weekend (so I hear).
Get him to buy a copy of Navy News always some good photos and stories every month or go on the Royal Navy website.
My daughter joined last year and loves it plus she is no longer in the bank of dad
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