Son Failed RT Maths any Tutor experiances.

Hello My first post on Rum Ration .
Son (16) failed his RT this week on maths was a mark under so he is not a happy camper, did the revision books, 11+ papers, Brain game etc so put some effort in before.
Told he could come back in 12 months but after a call to AFCO was told as he is still in school (final Year) he could come back in 6months if he has evidence he has revised with a Tutor etc.

So my question is has anyone had any experiance with this scenario ,is a private tutors letter confirming attendence of after school hours private study, plus additional schooltime revision luchtime after school class/club from one of his teachers going to be ok.

Did the Tutoring have a positive effect and result second time around.

Any help advice would be welcome.


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If he's still in mainstream education and maths is on the curriculum, additional tuition isn't vital, but a letter of proof is required from a teacher or tutor to show he has attended education full time since last sitting the test so that a waiver of the 12 months re-sit can be granted.

To be brutal: "a mark" under for any job, means he answered less than 30% of the maths section correctly, so he really needs to extract a digit, particularly if he aspires for a technical branch as he will need to virtually double his efforts.

It maybe worth a bit of extra tuition if it's just not 'clicking' - I've seen people do this and treble their overall score in 6 months, so it does work. Just to add, as a bit of incentive - if he fails a second time, that's it unfortunately.

Best of luck to him!
Revising GCSE sequences and learning how to spot the Nth term helps. If his school has access to Mymaths/Integral that would help.

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Thanks for the replys, says he is still keen to have another go at it in 6 mths expect he is not the first and probaly not the last to bulls up the rt first time,,,will see if a tutor can help when he takes the test second time around he knows it is make or break.

out of interest anyone know of any one who failed the rt on both attemps but has then gone on to join the Army Raf etc


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