Somewhat of an unusual request from "The Septic Side"

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by frayedknotarts, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. (Trust the lot that hired The Chimp to come up with a wierdie.... Jenny, you can kick this wherever you think it should be posted if not here.)

    I need a picture of a British Rail ticket. One from the Sixties would be ideal, but any year will do.

    Why, they ask.

    Good question.

    Friend of mine is having his 64th birthday party and his wife decided it should be themed on the Beatles, since she "still loves him when he's sixty-four".

    I know, too cutsey for words, but whatchagonnado?

    So, everyone is supposed to come with something themed for the Beatles.

    I thought it would be interesting if I got a picture of a BritRail ticket and pinned it to my wife.... that way, "She's Got A Ticket To Ride".

    Even cutsier, but ya gotta fight fire with fire, innit?

    What I'm specifically looking for is a pic [or a link to a pic] of a Liverpool-to-London-in-the-mid-sixties ticket, for obvious reasons. If I can't find one, ANY piccy of a dated rail ticket (any class) will be super, but I wanna try for a real "over-the-wall" home run here.

    Trusting in the good graces of His Noodly Appendages and your forbearance...
  2. Good link - especially since you can score the double: the second is from the Isle of Wight and actually is "a ticket to Ryde"!
  3. Good find there lads and I like the last comment re the IOW. :)

    Of course, you could also have one of the 'Daytripper' tickets as well. ;-)

  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just knew the Spotter would have one :dwarf:
  6. KNUT!
  7. There is also a "Rock Ferry to Liverpool" on the site if you search Liverpool perhaps a combination of these tickets will do.

  8. If she loves you, how is it that she's leaving home? I can understand why a Norwegian would.
  9. Maybe shes going to Roll over Beethoven for the Money thats what she wants. :dwarf:

  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
  11. It's all good, though.... I've got another girl....

    Someone refresh my memory.... Daytripper tickets were the half-tickets with a large red "D" on them?

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