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Something you have never done on a submarine.

Hey !

As I only live round the corner from Chatham dockyard, well 8 miles away if my doc says its okay I wouldn't mind a go at that. what do you reckon guys ?
Washed????? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Bongobilly said:
Greenie said:
WSM, is that a submariner?, do submarines have ironing facilities

dunkers said:
If the guy had been a Submariner he'd have been noticed more for the smell ---

Yes we did have irons -----however the laundry did a fair job of No 8's so no pressing needed usually.

Until I met Nutty I though this thing about submariners not washing was a myth. Now I realise it isn't... Oops.. I should rephrase that!!! Until I met him I thought it was a myth but he explained to me that there really were no proper washing facilities on board. Yuk!

What is this codswallop about Submariners not having washing facilities????? We had a laundry which washed our gear everyday, and we could iron it ourselves in the mess, and a byproduct of Nuclear Power was an abundance of fresh water, so we could take a shower everyday, ( if we wanted) We as Catering branch personell showered daily, (mainly together) lol

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