Something for the Ladies


Lantern Swinger
What? No instructional video? Shame!

Any volunteers on RR who might want to demonstrate the massive advantages this wee(!) gadget brings to your lives?

Awaiting with bated breath........


Is someone taking the proverbial ?
Invented by Miss Fountain ?

The instrs are interesting:

Undo trousers. - Sounds like a good start.

Pull down the front of your underwear or push to one side. - You mean don't swamp your rods ?

Place Shewee securely against your body. - Not left in the bergan then.

Direct the outlet pipe away from your body and out of trousers. - Oh, out of the trousers, good job you mentioned that.

Ensure Shewee is positioned in an effective and comfortable position. - Ok.

Aim urine to a suitable place; into a toilet or away from feet. - Away from feet ? 8O

Does she think all dorii are mongs ?


War Hero
Looking forward to seeing coachload of female Kiwi tourists stopping in a lay by and lining up with their shewees in one hand and the instructions in the other. Should be very educational!!



Lantern Swinger
Haha, suppose that at the end of the day i wont have to catheterise myself if the need ever arose. Instead i can just use this!

Could do with that for long car journeys, as my bladder must be the size of a walnut. Haha!

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