Someone needs to screw the head

Passed-over_Loggie said:
Rather like "dress down Friday" in Civvy Land creeping into the other days, this will now probably creep into other rigs.

How long before someone in working rig gets an arm fed into moving machinery by courtesy of some, however well meaning, bracelet?
I am not a medic never have been (sparker) though the amount of gloved fingers I have witnesed in the Mob were unreal compared to civvy st
ie Pusser 14 personal witness, civvy st none

Why/how, metal ships and wedding rings just do not match
do the matelot slide down the ladder hey ho no ring finger
Run to action stations and pass jack running opposite way catch wedding ring on gas mask bag/ gloved finger

The ultimate was bollocky buff sat on top bunk jumped down and left testes behind in bed springs

Do not want wedding rings banned, or wrist bracelets :) but take care out there, a pink or yellow bracelet does nothing to No1's , a white bow clashes with lsgc ribbon

Jack McHammock lashing aka "Domestos" "Kills all known threads"

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